Arraignment in Louisiana

An arraignment in Louisiana is the first court date after the prosecution has filed the formal criminal charges against the defendant. At the arraignment, the Court will inform the defendant of the charges against him/her and ask the defendant to enter a plea. The defendant must then plead not guilty, guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity. The defendant should have an attorney at this time. Other court dates will be assigned after the defendant is arraigned. 

The defendant must appear for the arriagnment or else a bench warrant will be issued. However, in misdemeanor cases, Mr. Barkemeyer has appeared for his clients so they do not have to appear. 

The arraignment date may have been written on the summons received by the defendant. If the defendant has not received the date on the summons, the date will be served on him at the address on the summons or the address on the bond sheet. It is important to always keep your bondsman informed if your address changes. Also, notify the Clerk of Court if your address changes or is different than that on the bond sheet.

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