False Personation Defense Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer is a False Personation defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. False personation can either be a felony or a misdemeanor in Louisiana. If you are charged with False Personation of a Peace Officer, you are looking at a felony that carries up to two years in prison. This is a serious charge that requires serious representation. Carl Barkemeyer has defended clients charged with False Personation. He understands how to properly defend these charges to get the best outcome for his clients. Seea portion of the below Louisiana statute:

Louisiana False personation of a peace officer §112.1

A. False personation of a peace officer is the performance of any one or more of the following acts with the intent to injure or defraud or to obtain or secure any special privilege or advantage:

(1) Impersonating any peace officer or assuming, without authority, any uniform or badge by which a peace officer is lawfully distinguished.

(2) Performing any act purporting to be official in such assumed character.

(3) Making, altering, possession, or use of a false document or document containing false statements which purports to be a training program certificate or in-service training certificate or other documentation issued by the Council on Peace Officer Standards and Training, pursuant to R.S. 40:2405, which certifies the peace officer has successfully completed the requirements necessary to exercise his authority as a peace officer.

(4) Equipping any motor vehicle with lights or sirens which simulate a law enforcement vehicle.

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