Felony Charge Defense Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer is a felony defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He provides a tough and aggressive defense representation to those charged with felonies in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  

For more information, see the above video Felony Charges in Louisiana presented by Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney. A felony in Louisiana is a criminal charge that may result in a sentence of hard labor. Felonies are serious offenses. Felonies may involve the following types of crimes: drugs, DWI/DUI third and fourth offense, theft, fraud, forgery, robbery, burglary, rape, murder, and many others. Some felony charges carry mandatory minimum sentences of prison time. It is important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you with these charges.

Contact Mr. Barkemeyer, Baton Rouge felony defense lawyer, at (225) 964-6720.

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