Interfering with an Officer Attorney in Baton Rouge

The criminal charge of interfering with a law enforcement officer during an investigation is a misdemeanor offense in Louisiana. If convicted, the offender may be sentenced up to six months in parish jail.

The common scenario occurs when a police officer is interviewing, questioning, or arresting a suspect while conducting an investigation of a crime. During that time, the offender interferes or obstructs the officer by refusing to leave the area. There are defenses to this charge.

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See the Louisiana state statute below:

La R.S. 14:329.  Interfering with a law enforcement investigation

A.  Interfering with a law enforcement investigation is the intentional interference or obstruction of a law enforcement officer conducting investigative work at the scene of a crime or the scene of an accident by refusing to move or leave the immediate scene of the crime or the accident when ordered to do so by the law enforcement officer when the offender has reasonable grounds to believe the officer is acting in the performance of his official duties.

B.  For the purposes of this Section, "law enforcement officer" means any commissioned police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, marshal, deputy marshal, correctional officer, constable, wildlife enforcement agent, state park warden, livestock brand inspector, forestry officer, or probation and parole officer.

C.  Whoever violates the provisions of this Section shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, imprisoned for not more than six months, or both.

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