Trespass on BREC Parks

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The listed criminal Trespass on BREC Parks charges below are the offenses prosecuted in Baton Rouge City Court. They are all misdemeanor offenses. Felonies are prosecuted in District Court. Mr. Barkemeyer is skilled and experienced at handling misdemeanors is Baton Rouge City Court. Contact him at (225) 964-6720 if you or someone you know has a criminal charge in City Court. 

Sec. 12:270. Prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to enter, trespass on, or use any portion of the grounds of BREC parks after sunset and before sunrise, except as provided in section 12:271.

(Ord. No. 9745, § 1, 11-10-93)

Sec. 12:271. Exception.

Section 12:270 shall not apply to persons entering or using BREC parks in connection with activities authorized by the recreation and parks commission.

(Ord. No. 9745, § 1, 11-10-93)

Sec. 12:272. Penalty.

Any person violating the provisions of this part shall be subject to a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) nor more than two hundred dollars ($200.00) or imprisonment for not more than twenty (20) days or both at the discretion of the judge.

(Ord. No. 9745, § 1, 11-10-93)

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