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It is no news that once someone is arrested for a prostitution charge, it could lead to serious embarrassment to that said person. Currently, a number of sting operations occur within Alexandria with the aim of arresting those that are involved in prostitution, pimping or solicitation.

Sometimes, you may have been in the wrong place and have been arrested for it. Many people have had to deal with this charge, and a prostitution lawyer in Alexandria is something that they should consider having.

Sometimes, it could be the accused misunderstanding the cues that led them to be arrested for solicitation, pimping or prostitution. Once you are arrested, instead of trying to absolve yourself of the crime with your words, you should consider getting a prostitution lawyer in Alexandria immediately.

If you have been charged for solicitation, prostitution or a pimping charge, it is important that you don't take the charge lightly. You need to know that if convicted, you could spend time behind bars and pay exorbitant fees. You could have to deal with other consequences, especially the social kind.


Prostitution Attorney in Alexandria

Immediately you have been arrested for a prostitution charge in Alexandria, you should go for Carl Barkemeyer, an experienced criminal defense attorney.

For a long time, Carl Barkemeyer has defended numerous clients in Alexandria for different criminal cases like prostitution. It doesn't matter what type of prostitution charge that it is, we have a defense for you.

We know that you will face extreme embarrassment once you are accused of such a crime. This is why when we are hired as your attorney, we ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out. We have a team of private investigators on our payroll, who will try and gather evidence on the case. We are in the business of trying to uphold the brand image and personal image of our clients.

Everything that we do is held in confidentiality because we take the lawyer-client confidentiality law seriously.


Charges for Patronizing a Prostitute in Alexandria

It is important to note that Alexandria does not take it lightly when it comes to prostitution, pimping, and solicitation. If you are caught soliciting, you could be dealt with.


What does it mean to solicit a prostitute?

Solicitation occurs when the accused gives an incentive as money or something else to another person in order to get sexual favors. It occurs even if the money was paid to a third party to arrange a sexual tryst with someone else.

If the accused decides to pay a pimp to arrange him or her someone else to sleep with, this is a solicitation.

If the accused is caught trying to arrange a sexual meeting with someone else and promises to make a payment in the future for the sex, it is seen as a solicitation. If caught, you can be arrested and charged for the crime. It doesn't matter if you were joking or had real intention to do it. As long as you agreed verbally or otherwise to offer money for sex, it can be said to be a solicitation. If you are caught during a sting operation, it makes it worse.


Solicitation comes in different degrees and they are:

Third Degree Solicitation. This is seen as a Class A misdemeanor once someone is caught trying to solicit the services of a prostitute. The penalty for this is not as stringent as those that will be mentioned after.


Second Degree Solicitation

This is seen as a Class E felony. This happens when an adult that is at least eighteen years decides to solicit the services of a prostitute that is below fourteen years.


First Degree Solicitation

This is the worst form of solicitation and something that can ruin you entirely. This is seen as a Class D felony. If the accused is caught trying to solicit a prostitute that is below eleven years. 


Some Terms You Should Know

There are some terms that you should know when prostitution is concerned.

Advancing Prostitution

A person that is said to advance prostitution is neither the prostitute nor the person soliciting for the prostitute. This is when a person is acting as a pimp. He or she tries to get a prostitute for the patron for money or an incentive. He or she acts as the third party that brings both parties together. He or she offers accommodation where prostitution occurs. He or she has an enterprise where prostitution occurs, like a brothel. For someone to advance prostitution, such a person must be trying his or her best to ensure that prostitution occurs.


Profit From Prostitution

Someone is said to have profited from prostitution if he or she has gotten money for a sexual act. If you have been given compensation for sexual acts, it can be said that such a person has profited from prostitution. The said person may have participated in the sexual act like the prostitute or may have acted as a middleman for the sexual act like the pimp. As long as you got money for the sexual act, it is seen as profiting from prostitution.

Immediately you are arrested for any type of prostitution charge in Alexandria, the first thing that you should do is call Carl Barkemeyer, a prostitution lawyer in Alexandria to represent you immediately.

This saves you from having to worsen the case by saying more.

He looks at every aspect of the case and tries to build a defense for you. He is objective and ensures that you understand what is happening at every step of the way.


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