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In the event that you are charged with a drug crime, whether it is drug possession, distribution or trafficking in the state of Louisiana, you’ll could most likely incur harsh penalties. The severity of your punishment depends on the number of drugs that you are accused of possessing during the arrest and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. For instance, if you’re charged for taking a part in a drug misdemeanor, within a drug-free zone or at the time when you have a firearm with you, the severity of the potential consequences may be grimmer.

It doesn’t matter what type of drug offense you are accused of within Louisiana; you’ll almost certainly suffer harsh consequences. Regardless of whether you are accused of possessing marijuana or something more concrete like trafficking narcotics, you can’t afford to take the drugs laws of Louisiana lightly. The implications of facing a drug charge in Allen Parish, Louisiana may include probation, imposed community service, heavy fines, home imprisonment and time in jail or federal penitentiary. In light of these grim consequences, it is important that you take quick decisive steps the instant you or any of your loved ones get accused of a drug offense in Oberlin, Louisiana.

Drug offense in Allen Parish, Louisiana is a serious offense, but then again, having a capable lawyer that will help you table your defense can help you mitigate the dire consequences. On the off chance that you or anyone you love is indicted or charged with a drug misdemeanor or felony in Oberlin, Louisiana, the very first thing you ought to do is to give your favorite attorney a call. When it comes to maintaining a strategic distance from the costly consequences of a drug crime, you can’t afford to waste a minute, since there is a likelihood that you’ll be charged with heavy fines or worse, lose your freedom.


Drug defense attorneys are here to help you

If ever you are charged with a drug offense, you’ll more often than not have to manage the financial as well as the lawful implications of the indictment. This can be a lot to handle, especially if you don’t take quick decisive steps and get an aggressive drug defense lawyer for your case. Then again, you can without much of a stretch get an aggressive drug defense attorney that will work on your case to make sure that your rights are protected. Carl Barkemeyer, a criminal defense attorney is here for you. Carl Barkemeyer is well aware of the full implications of a drug charge, that is why he makes it his priority to outfit clients that are faced with a drug charge in Louisiana with the right legal backing during their hearing in court.


Consequences of a Drug charge in Louisiana

In Allen Parish, Louisiana, the severity of the penalties of drug conviction depends on factors like,

  • the kind and amount of drug you are discovered with during the time of the arrest,
  • the area that the arrest was made (for example, individuals that are charged with a drug offense for bringing drugs into the parish usually incur direr penalties), and
  • the offender’s criminal record.

As a matter of fact, offenders that are convicted for trafficking and/or distributing drugs within the confines of the state, more often than not land with a jail sentence. This jail sentence usually ranges from 3 years to life in a correctional facility.

The repercussions of being charged with a drug offense go beyond paying heavy fines to the state or being forced to stay within the confines of your home with a house arrest. If you are found guilty of a drug offense, you could land with a jail sentence that will ultimately impair your record. Consequently, this can also affect your source of revenue and your employability.

Employers, in general, like to fill the vacant positions in their organization with credible people and a jail term on your record can ruin your chances of getting employed by these employers. You need to keep in mind that your records are not hidden from the eyes of the general populace. Almost anyone that is curious enough to ask for your records can have access to your records. A drug charge conviction can also set you up for stigmatization in your local area, your place of work and everywhere else.  At the end of the day, the aftermaths of a drug charge conviction can also have negative impacts on your loved ones.

All of the consequences associated with a drug charge, will almost certainly cost you more than you bargain for. And so, you shouldn’t waste time when you or a person you love is accused of a drug crime in Louisiana. Carl Barkemeyer, a defense attorney in Oberlin is well trained to help mitigate this kind of circumstances.


Get in touch with your drug defense attorney in Allen Parish, Louisiana

Drug-related offenses can set you up for severe penalties in Louisiana. However, how you pose your defense in court can be the one thing that keeps you away from the four walls of a prison cell. The importance of having a competent and aggressive lawyer that will work in your best interest to help you mitigate these dire penalties, cannot be overstressed. Carl Barkemeyer, defense attorney offers drug defense in Allen Parish, Louisiana. With a wealth of experience amassed from helping defendants filed with drug offenses in Louisiana with their cases in court, Carl Barkemeyer defense attorney is equipped with the know-how to give you the right defense in Court. The laws in Louisiana for drug-related offenses takes factors surrounding the arrest into consideration during the court hearing. Which implies that every drug arrest needs to be handled uniquely with inventiveness. Carl Barkemeyer, a defense attorney is well trained to approach every case with astuteness and experience. When you have Carl Barkemeyer, working on your case, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you’ll have the right legal backing in court.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, a drug defense attorney in the event that you or your loved ones get charged with a drug-related offense.  

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