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Carl Barkemeyer is a DWI defense attorney in Ascension Parish dedicated to providing legal assistance and representation to individuals that have been charged with the DWI offense in Gonzales as well as other surrounding areas. So, if you find yourself caught up with the law for driving while intoxicated as well as other charges that are related in Ascension parish, do not hesitate to immediately connect with Carl Barkemeyer and we will set up a consultation session to discuss and analyze how we can help you.

Of course, we understand that the penalties which come with driving while intoxicated are very serious and having a criminal record will alter not just your life but that of your family and loved ones. You will be stripped of your rights subsequently and you may be slapped with fines and risk going to jail. Keep in mind that Carl Barkemeyer will work very hard to get you your freedom. The impact that being convicted for DWI will have on your life is really significant. The penalties are harsh, especially, in the state of Louisiana and will negatively impact your personal relationships, the prospect of getting future employment, your academic and social opportunities, as well as your rights as a citizen of the United States. Think about the trauma that comes with having a criminal record in your name.


The DWI mistake that you should avoid

You need to act first and swiftly enough once you get charged with a DWI in Ascension Parish. One mistake that a lot of persons usually make is that they go on to hire lawyers who have no real or first-hand experience in handling charges that have to do with driving-under-the-influence. A lot of people usually feel that every attorney has the right training to provide a DUI defense for them. You should keep in mind that this is totally false and you should rather work with a Gonzalez DWI attorney that has the right training and a high level of experience in representing DWI offenders. You also need to work with an attorney that will keep you feeling relaxed and confident while helping you to wade through the intricacies of your legal case. There will be lots of court appearances as well as DMV hearings and you need someone that you can trust to help you during this period.

Ascension Parish residents will testify to the fact that Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has always stood by them when it comes to handling DUI cases and providing DWI professional legal solutions. Regardless of the kind of charge which the authorities have put on your head with respect to a DUI or DWI charge, Carl Barkemeyer is experienced enough to provide misdemeanor as well as felony representation. Commitment and dedication happen to be the reasons that Carl Barkemeyer stands out from the crowd. Rest assured that you will be having an aggressive lawyer battling your case in order to get you the best possible results. Are you currently facing charges for a felony DWI, multiple DWI, reckless driving, etc.? Are the authorities currently after you for a first-time DWI offense or an underage DWI offense? Simply talk to Mr. Barkemeyer immediately for legal representation and the protection of your rights.



How DUI & DWI are related

You might be wondering if a difference exists between DWI and DUI. DWI simply refers to being caught driving while intoxicated. On the other hand, DUI simply refers to driving-under-the-influence. Their meanings are similar when it comes to Ascension parish and the laws governing the state of Louisiana. There is really no huge difference that exists between these two crimes because driving under the influence encompasses intoxication from substances such as alcoholic beverages or a controlled drug substance. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will help you understand what this crime entails and the right steps to take to get you out of this bad situation here.

Are you in Gonzales or other areas in Ascension parish and facing charges related to Driving while intoxicated, then, do not hesitate to reach out to Carl Barkemeyer immediately. The law totally frowns against Driving under the influence and the punishments are usually severe. The importance of having an experienced lawyer Ascension parish for your case cannot be overestimated. The legal process is not something that you should walk through alone and hiring Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is the best step that you can take. Carl Barkemeyer has what it takes to assist you through the legal procedures and can help to provide answers to every question that you have.

The state of Louisiana considers this crime to be a very grievous one and this is reflected in the penalties for getting caught and charged for driving while intoxicated. This can result in any of the penalties that are outlined below

  • You will be slapped with fines that could see you pay up to thousands of Dollars
  • Community services as well as litter abatement
  • Financial restitution
  • Spending time in prison for many years
  • Interlock device installation


Reach out to an experienced DWI attorney in Gonzales

Carl Barkemeyer is a defense attorney in Ascension Parish dedicated to providing legal assistance and representation to individuals that have been charged with the DWI offense in Gonzales as well as other surrounding areas. The facts which are associated with this charge will be considered by the judge and will play a role in determining the penalties that you face.

Contact an Ascension Parish DWI defense attorney today if you or any of your loved ones are caught up with the Louisiana state police for breaking the Law when it comes to DWI. The laws here are extremely strict and driving while intoxicated will only result in negative consequences if you are found guilty. Carl Barkemeyer has come to the defense of a lot of clients in Gonzales and other areas of Ascension parish with regards to charges such as these. Carl Barkemeyer has proven strategies that have worked for other clients just like you and rest assured that you will have an aggressive lawyer doing everything possible to protect your rights while presenting a very solid case in your defense.


DWI Arrest in Gonzales

After being arrested for DWI or DUI, an experienced Ascension Parish DWI lawyer may help you minimize the negative effect that a driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs destructive can have on your life. Carl Barkemeyer defends clients charged with misdemeanor and felony grade DWI in Ascension Parish. He has a strong commitment to getting his clients the best result possible.

If you received a DWI in Ascension Parish, your case will either go to Parish Court if it is a misdemeanor DWI or District Court if it is a felony DWI. DWI or DUI is a misdemeanor offense punishable up to 6 months in jail if it is a first or second offense DWI. DWI becomes a felony upon the third, fourth, and subsequent offenses. Third offense DWI carries a sentence of 1-5 years in state prison and DWI fourth offense carries 10-30 years in prison.

Louisiana law is tough when it comes to criminal DWI charges. The legal limit of Blood Alcohol Content in Louisiana is .08%. Louisiana law also makes it illegal for drivers to have a Blood Alcohol Content above .02% for those under the age of 21. Louisiana also provides for mandatory jail time if the DWI offense includes a BAC of .15% or above.

An arrest and/or conviction for a operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Ascension, Louisiana carries serious consequences in which you should speak with a DWI lawyer to determine your rights and the process ahead. Offenders charged with a DUI may be looking at time in jail, suspension or revocation of their driver’s license, expensive fines, required alcohol/drug tests, MADD victim impact panel and required education courses. Additionally, the judge in the criminal court case may require that the defendant's vehicle include an interlock device for drivers convicted of DWI/DUI. Driver’s license suspension may be required upon refusal of the breathalyzer and/or submittal of the breathalyzer when blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. A DUI/DWI could also affect your education, current job, your future career potential and increase your insurance rates, including possible SR-22 insurance.

However, being arrested for a DUI/DWI does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted and lose your license. Mr. Barkemeyer will help you to try to keep you driving so you can continue to attend school and/or work. The state or parish has the burden of proving the criminal charges against you and you are entitled to test the strength of the prosecutor’s case and to contest suspension of your driver’s license at the administrative hearing, which is separate from the criminal case. Hiring a skilled Ascension DUI attorney will help you to defend your rights against a criminal DUI/DWI charge as well as the driver’s license case and to minimize the impact that the DUI charge has on your future.


CONTACT Carl Barkemeyer, Ascension DWI lawyer at (225) 964-6720 if you have a DWI or DUI charge in Gonzales or Ascension Parish.

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