Baton Rouge Bail Bond Service

If you feel that you are in the need of a bail bondsman or bond service in Baton Rouge, feel free to contact us prior to hiring a bondsman so we can discuss any possible legal ramifications of bailing out your friend or family member. We may also be able to provide the names of reputable bail bond services in Baton Rouge that may help you. We are not a bail bond company nor do we write bonds.

When you hire a bail bond service in Baton Rouge, the service will likely need to check your financial status as well as other issues. The service will determine if the arrestee is in fact bondable and if any holds exist which could prevent the arrestee from being released.  The bail bondsman will charge a fee for putting up the entire amount of the bond.  Their fee will usually be approximately 12%.  The greatest benefit of hiring a bail bond service in Baton Rouge is that you do not have to put up the entire bond, only the 12%, which will not be refundable.

We have provided criminal defense representation to over a thousand clients in the Baton Rouge area. We understand every aspect of the arrest and bond process.  Feel free to call us at 225-964-6720 if you need assistance.

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