Best DUI Lawyers in Baton Rouge

three best dui lawyers in baton rougeCarl Barkemeyer has been selected among the Three Best DUI lawyers in Baton Rouge.

He contributes his success as a DUI lawyer to always looking for holes in the prosecutor’s case. He knows that being an asset to his client not only means giving excellent communication, but also staying up to date with the latest DWI laws in Louisiana, perfecting his cross-examination skills, and fighting for the best results. He has strived to be the best DUI lawyer in Baton Rouge for 15 years. He has defended hundreds of clients charged with DUI in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas such as Livingston, Felicianas, West Baton Rouge, Ascension, Tangipahoa, and many more. The best DUI lawyer for your case should always inform you of all aspects of your case and let you understand why things are happening. Carl Barkemeyer doesn’t just use his fees from DWI cases to fund a personal injury practice. In fact, he practices criminal defense primarily. Take a look at this website. It’s all criminal defense and DWI defense. If you need a DUI lawyer in Baton Rouge, call Carl Barkemeyer at 225-964-6720. You can speak to him directly instead of a secretary or receptionist.