what is a dwi

What Is a DWI?

When it comes to states with the most DUI or DWI arrests, Louisiana is somewhere in the middle of the pack. Not the worst state for driving under the influence but not the best either.  However, if you’ve been arrest Read more

dui vs dwi

Which Is Worse: A DUI or DWI?

Did you know that every day, 29 people in the US die in car crashes that involve an intoxicated driver? That’s over 10,000 each year. In 2016, police arrested more than 1 million drivers for driving while impaired by drugs Read more

DWI accident

Car Accident DWI

You decided to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking too much alcohol. You caused an accident and got arrested. You learned later that the impact of your car against another caused someone to lose their life. Now Read more