I Blew More Than .08 BAC on a Breathalyzer Test. What Now?

.08 BAC

In a lifetime, one out of three people will be involved in a crash with a drunk driver.

Friday and Saturday nights are the prime opportunity to blow off some steam from the heavy work day. Your boss has been rough on you, and you can’t seem to get the report finished. The best idea in your mind is to drive and have some drinks.

Before getting to the bar, you tell yourself you won’t have much to drink. You only want a couple beers, but before you know it, you’re 5 mixed drinks deep. Before anyone can stop you, you drive home to sleep.

Along the way, you are pulled over and blow more than .08 in a breathalyzer test. Now you don’t know what to do. Keep reading to find out what to do.

Be Cooperative

One of the first reactions people have when exceeding the legal breathalyzer limit is to jump on the defense side. All of the stress of applying to graduate school, working a full-time job, and getting your life together is not a great mixture on top of all the alcohol you consumed.

Instead of trying to fight it or argue with the cop, cooperate peacefully. Acting out in an aggressive or violent manner will only give them more bad news to report about you. Listen carefully, and follow directions.

Don’t Assume You’ll Be Stuck in Jail

A major factor in your automatic defensive attitude is the fear of being stuck in jail forever for blowing over .08 on a breathalyzer test. While drinking under the influence is never encouraged, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be left in jail for years.

Depending on how drunk you are and past records, you may be either automatically incarcerated or released on bond. Once released, let an attorney help you with the charge.

Follow Instructions

If you blow more than an .08 on a breathalyzer test, you’ll more than likely be told to gain community service hours and pay a fine. You’ll also be given a lot of paperwork.

The best thing to do is buckle down, get organized, and get everything completed or paid off. Complete all of your hours and pay the fine before it’s too late. Do all of this so it can be reported you finished your sentencing.

As far as the future, the record may remain for a few years. If you are applying to school or jobs, be honest about your record. Covering the situation up will leave a bad impression.

Blowing Higher Than .08 on a Breathalyzer

If you blow higher than a .08 on a breathalyzer test while driving, it can be scary. Before you take any further action or assumed you’ll be locked away for a lifetime, take a second to breathe.

Remember you must always cooperate, no matter how frustrated you are at the situation. Follow your sentence, and always be honest about the charge in the future.

Again, drunk driving is never encouraged and is illegal. But if you find yourself in a bind, check out the rest of our site for defense attorney service, and make sure to contact us.