Is a No Seat Belt Ticket a Moving Violation Louisiana?

The Louisiana state state for a no seatbelt violation is located at La. R.S. 32:295.1. The statute provides for a $25 fine plus court costs upon first offense and a $50 fine plus court costs upon second offense. The common concern an individual has upon receiving a No Seat Belt violation is whether or not it will cause his insurance premiums to rise.

Is No Seat Belt a moving violation in Louisiana? 

Yes, according to AAMVA, it is a moving violation. This is the source referred to to determine such status. However, La. R.S. 32:853 provides that the operating (driving) record of an individual shall NOT include citations requiring the use of a seatbelt. Therefore, a No Seat Belt violation should not appear on one’s driving record for their insurer to view. However, it is a moving violation for purposes of the DMV and license validation and suspension considerations.

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