Several Minors Face Alcohol-Related Criminal Charges in Baton Rouge

Thirty-three people were arrested two nights ago at Shady’s Bar near LSU in Baton Rouge.   They are facing various criminal charges including underage drinking, disturbing the peace, and interfering with a police investigation.  The arrests were a result of a Baton Rouge law enforcement operation to check alcohol compliance at the bar.

Twelve people were arrested for being in the bar without identification, one for being under the age of 18, two for disturbing the peace by intoxication and interfering with a police investigation, and 18 were arrested for the charge of minor in possession of alcohol.

The owners and operators of Shady’s Bar may be facing criminal charges as well.

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View a video about the minor in possession of alcohol charge in Louisiana.

Source: The Advocate, Authorities round up 33 at Shady’s bar, November 16, 2012.