What Does it Mean to get “Robbed”?

Many times, when someone is a victim of a robbery, home burglary, or car burglary, they describe the incident by saying they “got robbed.” In a more technical and legal sense, robbery and burglary are two separate crimes.

Burglary is the unauthorized entry into a home, business, or vehicle, with the intent to commit a theft or felony therein. It is common that the offender commits the offense when the victim is not present. For example, burglary occurs when the offender breaks the window of a parked vehicle and takes items from the vehicle.

On the other hand, a robbery is the intentional taking of something from the person of another with the use of force or violence.  This crime carries more severe consequences than burglary. An example of robbery is when the offender enters a store and points a gun at the clerk demanding money.  When a dangerous weapon is used in a robbery, the charge becomes armed robbery that carries a sentence of 10-99 years in prison without probation or parole.

The distinction between robbery and burglary is important in terms of the potential sentence of the offender if convicted.