What To Do If You Get Pulled Over With A Gun

what to do if you get pulled over with a gun

What To Do If You Get Pulled Over With A Gun

If you live in Louisiana and enjoy owning a gun, you may be wondering what to do if you get pulled over with a gun. Getting pulled over while having a gun in your vehicle is typically not a good thing and can lead to problems, but it does not always automatically equate to being a criminal.

If you are ready to learn what to do if you get pulled over with a gun in Louisiana, then grab your computer, and let’s get started!

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What To Do If You Get Pulled Over With A Gun

Just Because There Is A Gun In The Vehicle Does Not Make You A Criminal

When you have a firearm and you are pulled over while driving, it is essential to remember you are not automatically a criminal right there and then. Gun charges are serious, but owning a gun doesn’t equate with criminal activity.

There are specific laws in place about what you need to be allowed to carry a firearm in your vehicle, so you will want to make sure you keep that in mind.

First and foremost, you will need a permit to be carrying your gun around with you in the vehicle. This is typically a conceal carry permit and gives you the right to carry a firearm with you in places where it is not prohibited, including your vehicle. You can still technically carry a firearm in your vehicle even without a concealed carry permit, but you are not necessarily safe from receiving some type of punishment for it.

Alert The Police Officer You Have A Firearm In Your Vehicle

When you get pulled over by a police officer, you should follow normal conduct, including placing your hands in full view of the officer on the steering wheel. This is meant to help keep them safe and you because there is the chance of an accident happening if they can not see your hands and they believe you may try to harm them.

After the police officer approaches your vehicle, calmly tell them that you have a concealed carry permit and a firearm in your vehicle. Be sure to say firearm and not a gun, as it shows the officer that you have a certain level of responsibility and maturity when it comes to owning a firearm.

Most of the time, the police officer will want to know where your firearm is. If you are asked where it is, without removing your hands from the steering wheel, calmly tell the police officer where they find your firearm. Do not make any movements or act all excited when talking to them about your firearm as it could scare them, and an accident could happen.

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You Can Choose Not To Mention Your Firearm

This is your second option for being pulled over by a police officer, and you have a firearm in your vehicle. This option tends to be controversial because it has both its pros and cons and can sometimes lead to more problems than preventing them. It is also important to remember that each state has different laws regarding this option, so ensure you know the law before deciding to keep your mouth shut about your firearm.

Remember, if you go with this option, if the police officer does not bring up your firearm, you should be able to go without worrying about them asking you about your firearm, which can be a good thing sometimes. However, if they find the firearm and you did not mention it, you could get in some serious trouble as they may be led to believe you were hiding it from them.

Do Not Get Excited Or Be Eager To Show Off Your Gun

It is essential to remember not to get excited or eager to show the police officer your gun. It is alright to tell the police officer you have a firearm in the vehicle, but you should not be eager to show them, such as saying, “I have a gun!” This could end very badly for both you and the police officer, which is the very opposite of what you want here.

Remember, the officers are there to take care of you and keep you safe, but they also want to stay safe. Thus it is crucial to follow common sense when interacting with a police officer and having a firearm in your vehicle.

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It is never a fun time being pulled over, and if you are pulled over with a firearm in your vehicle in Louisiana, it is essential to know what you should or should not do. Just do your research beforehand, stay calm, and do not do anything that could be seen as a stupid idea, such as yelling, you have a gun. You now know what to do if you get pulled over with a gun.