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Contraband could be anything that is illegal to possess or transport from one place to the other. It could be any material that is not meant to be imported or exported from one country to another. Most times, people are caught smuggling things into the state. They try to smuggle them because it is not legal to possess those materials in that particular state. These materials could be drugs weapons or any other thing. As long as it is not legal to have them in that state, it is a contraband.

People are aware of the rules of not smuggling contraband into a state yet they still proceed to do it. Of course, as a citizen of a state or a resident in that state, you should know the rules and laws guiding that state. Therefore, you should know things that count as contraband in that state and things that do not count as one. This will enable you to be careful in what you are trying to bring into the state or trying to send out.

All contraband goods if found by government officials are meant to the seized. But well, the carrier or smuggler doesn't go unpunished. You have to face the law and its consequences.


The Louisiana Statutes On Contraband

According to Section 14.402 of the Louisana state laws, Contraband could mean different things. In fact, there are so many goods under contraband. Those who are serving a jail term are also still under the law and should not be found with contraband unless the prison warden is aware of it. Contraband under the state law not to be found be prisoners are :

  • Any controlled or dangerous substance which could be a drug that when taken gives the user a hypnotic effect.  Unless the drug or substance has been prescribed by a qualified physician, then that substance is a contraband. There are drugs which are illegal by law but can only be condoned if it was issued by a doctor. Most controlled substances are on this list.
  • A dangerous weapon that has not been issued out or given by a warden.
  • Explosives and combustibles not given or authorized by a warden.
  • Alcohol or alcoholic beverages that will give the user an intoxicating effect when taken unless it has been authorized by an official.
  • A stolen property
  • Currency or coin that the warden is not aware of
  • Communicating tools with an intention to escape.

The state law has issued that:

  • No one should possess contraband
  • No one should introduce contraband
  • No one should send in contraband from any state.

Possessing a contraband, smuggling or anything that has to do with contraband is an offense to the state and it is punishable by law.   


Penalties For Hoarding Contraband

As other crimes have penalties, so does hoarding contraband does too. According to the Louisiana State laws, anyone who violates the laws on contraband will pay a fine of not less than five hundred dollars but not more than ten thousand dollars and will serve a jail term of not more than ten years with or without hard labor.

The penalty for contraband differs according to the severity of the crime and the contraband in question.

If you are in possession of a controlled substance prescribed to you by a physician, you need to have a medical report backing it up because that's your only proof. If you are caught with them, you only need to present the document to them. Also, make sure that it was prescribed by a professional authorized doctor.

When it comes to contraband, the law is usually strict because it is a serious offense. This is why you need to be very careful to ensure that you are not in possession of any material that will be counted as a contraband.

Most people think that only drugs are contraband. Well, they are the most common contraband found with many people. Nevertheless, there are still other goods to be termed contraband. What might be a contraband in one state may not be in the other. This is exactly why residents of every state should know their laws on contraband and what exactly it states. In this way, you will know how to defend yourself if you are ever accused of carrying contraband.


Have A Contraband Case?

Every year, a lot of people get into contraband cases. For some, carrying the contraband was purely intentional and for some, it wasn't. Whichever one it is, you will first be charged to court with a contrand case as offenses like that are not allowed to slide off easily. If you are charged with the offense, you need to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. You need a lawyer as soon as possible so that the lawyer will begin to help you from the start of the case and guide you all through the processes. Remember that you shouldn't leave any detail out so that your lawyer will not be caught unawares in court.


How Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney May Help Your Contraband Case

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We understand the Louisiana state laws perfectly and know our way around it. In this way, we will know exactly how to help you. In this regard, therefore, if you or your loved one have been charged with a contraband case, do well to contact us today.

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