Behavioral Counseling in Baton Rouge for LSU Students

Many times, our college-clients may make bad decisions which can lead to obtaining criminal charges.  These charges can leave our client’s parents feeling confused and helpless. More importantly, our client may feel even more confused and helpless.

We help our LSU student clients get through this hard time and in many cases, grow and learn as they get this charge behind them.  In some situations, we may advise our client to obtain a mental health evaluation and follow any recommended treatment, which may involve counseling.

Counseling can benefit the client personally and legally. We are experienced at how to use the treatment to our client’s benefit in his/her criminal case.  Our extensive system of contacts with counselors helps our clients choose what is best for them.

The end goal of our legal representation of our clients who are LSU students with criminal charges is to minimize the damage to their criminal record and to see them continue their education so they can be successful.

Contact Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney for LSU students at 225-964-6720 if you need more information or representation.

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