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This is a common question since the recent changes in the marijuana laws in Louisiana. People still receive a ticket or summons for possession of marijuana. The reason is because it is still illegal to possess marijuana without a prescription. However, the police officer giving you the summons may advise you that it is no big deal and you should just go pay the ticket.  Never take legal advice from a police officer. Possession of marijuana first and second offense is a misdemeanor.  Third offense is a felony punishable with imprisonment for up to 2 years. Although the fine and sentence is reduced, the misdemeanor marijuana conviction is still a drug charge on your record.  My law firm spends a lot of time trying to clean up criminal records for clients by filing expungements for these charges.  Employers, landlords, schools, etc do not want to see that you have a marijuana conviction on your record. Although you may feel that marijuana one day will be legal, it is not now and probably will not be legal in Louisiana for many years, if ever. So, protect your future today by contacting us at (225) 964-6720 to see if we can help you avoid a drug conviction that could haunt you for the rest of your life. 


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