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Have you been arrested for domestic violence in Louisiana? If so, we may be able to help. I am Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney with offices located in Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana. Domestic violence charges are serious offenses in with serious consequences.  We understand the immense stress our clients deal with when they have a charge.  There are many issues involved in domestic violence cases.  There may be protective orders involved, a pending divorce, child custody issues, and financial issues.  Not to mention the possibility of jail time for the defendant.  We help our clients by considering all the circumstances in their life and surrounding the family issues.  Domestic violence is a general term used to cover an incident.  


What is Domestic Violence in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, domestic violence will either be domestic abuse battery or domestic abuse aggravated assault. So, the first question to resolve is whether the defendant is alleged to have physically contacted the victim without the victim’s consent.  Then, we must determine if a child was at the scene of the alleged crime because that could kick in the Child Endangerment Law which could increase the sentencing range.


Domestic Violence Defense Representation

Many times, these cases are “he said, she said.”  In other words, the defendant and victim are the only witnesses. However, other witnesses, such as children could be present.  The witness testimony could be all that is required to obtain a guilty verdict in a trial for domestic violence.  Although in some cases, trial is the only option, trial is not always the answer in every case. We know how to work with the other side to help our clients get the best result and continue moving forward with their lives.  Every domestic violence case is different, and therefore must be treated differently.

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