What happens to driver's license after a DWI arrest in Louisiana?


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One of the most serious consequences of a DWI arrest is the effect on your driver’s license.  If you refused the breathalyzer or blew over the limit, the officer will take your license. You then have 30 days from the date of arrest to request an administrative hearing to try to get it back. If you hire us within that time, we will request the hearing for you and attend the hearing when it comes. This administrative hearing is one of two cases you will have resulting from your DWI arrest.  The administrative hearing is also known as the license hearing. Your license can also be suspended as a result of a DWI conviction.  Your driving privileges is only one aspect to your DWI arrest. We can help you with all the issues in your DWI. We are a results-driven law firm.  Our goal is to protect your criminal record so the DWI does not destroy your future. So, if you have received a DWI in Baton Roouge or surrounding area, contact us at 225-964-6720.

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