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For many people, the thought of been charged with DWI can be considered to be a nightmare. However, in Louisiana, many people are facing those charges. DWI charges if convicted has the ability to deny you of your dreams forever. If you are in this situation, you would surely be wondering what impacts it would have on various parts of your life. One factor that you would have to consider would be your insurance.

If you are wondering if your DWI conviction would affect your insurance, we have the answer right now and we would be happy to share it with you.


Insurance companies and how they view DWI

For most insurance companies, the DWI is seen to be a blessing in disguise. They view it as a way to know drivers who are reckless and not careful enough on the world. They, however, are aware that despite the DWI convictions and all the charges placed on them, they would still need to get insurance coverage when their suspension is up.

So what most insurance companies do is to request for a much higher premium. The reason for his is that the insurance companies take the insurance of that person as a greater risk as having the tendency to drink while driving would often prove to be an obstacle later on.


How much does a conviction affect your insurance rates?

In most states including the state of Louisiana, the insurance rates could go up for a number of factors. One of them would be the type of car which you are driving. In most states in the US, you are likely to see an increase of about 31% in terms of premium that would have to be paid. This can sometimes signal an increase of over $1,000 if you have had just a single conviction for DWI.

This is one reason why you should try your best to avoid being convicted for a DWI charge. One of the ways to do this is to get yourself a DWI lawyer. If you live in Baton Rouge, then you would be sure to find DWI attorneys in Baton Rouge. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney is one of those law firms which would be willing to assist you in getting what you need over the line. We would assist as much you can to help you get a judgement that would be favorable.


Other things you need to consider

When it comes to your car insurance, there are other things which have a way of contributing to the increase of rates when it is added to your DWI charges. Here are a few of them that you should consider;



If you wish to go for an auto insurance coverage, then you should be aware that time should be a crucial factor. Time heals all wounds said the ancient proverbs and this is true when it comes to DWI charges and insurance coverages. When looking at your driving history for any sign of DWI, the insurance companies only focus on the last five years to see if you have been convicted of any crime.

In most cases, the first 35 months are the periods where you would be subjected to very high premium rates. After that period is over, you can expect that your rates would also return back to normal. It is also important to note that it would also slowly reduce as the years go by. Therefore, you cannot expect some who face DWI charges four years ago to get the same inflated premium charges with someone who only got their 3 months ago.



The principle guiding insurance companies is that the lower the age, the more likely a DWI charge is likely to happen. Therefore, the premium charge which a 20-year-old would have to pay for insurance coverage when convicted would surely not be the same a 40-year-old would have to play for the same coverage. So if you are a young driver, you would surely be facing an uphill task in terms of your premium charges if you are convicted of DWI.

So once you are charged to court for any DWI charges in Baton Rouge, make it your goal to get a DWI lawyer as soon as you can. It would surely make a lot of difference in the long run.


Number of convictions

Even if you are 30 years old, you can end up getting higher rates than a 20-year-old if you have been convicted more than once in the past. For example, if you have about four convictions, you would also naturally see your rates jump higher than 100% compared to the rates of 31% for a first-time offender.

Therefore, the principle guiding this factor is that the higher the number of convictions that you have gotten, the higher the risk the insurance would have to cope with. This would naturally translate into the higher premium rates that are charged.

You should also note that the premium rates would also depend on the insurance company which you are using. Some insurance companies have much lower rates than others and vice versa.

It is also important to remember that insurance companies would also be on the lookout for people who have DWI charge. With this in mind, they would run several background check to make sure that the person is free from all charges. Thus, it is only right, to be honest with them from the very start. This would help you secure an insurance coverage with perhaps even lesser premium rates.

The stress that is gotten from a DWI charge is best avoided by not being convicted in the first place. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, you would be able to get a good defense for any convictions which you are facing. Backed by our talented team of lawyers, you can be sure that we would have your back regardless of what you face.

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