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If you live in Louisiana especially in the area of Baton Rouge, you would no doubt know that committing a crime can have serious implications in your stay in Louisiana. For example, take the offence of DWI which means Driving with Intoxication. This crime can have rippling effects if it is filed against you. Worst yet, if you are convicted.

If you are in this situation, it is only normal for you to wonder just how much being convicted for DWI can hurt your future chances especially when it comes to your education and employment opportunities. You might not like the answer very much.


DWI Charges and Education

When you have been convicted for a DWI charge bought against you by the state of Louisiana, the first thing you would experience when it comes to opportunities in education would be their reluctance to take you into their institution. For this reason, it is important that once you are faced with a potential charge in DWI, you should get yourself a DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge. This would ensure that you have good defense ahead of what would be an important trial. Our Criminal Defense Attorneys would be happy to ensure that you get good representations ahead of any issue that you might face. We try our possible best to help you in any way that is within our power.

When you are applying for college, you would notice that the vast number of college would insist that they know if you have any criminal records before they accept your applications. The problem is, if you are found to be convicted of several charges which relate to DWI or other related charges, you would probably not be able to gain the admission that you desire.

If you, however, have had just one DWI charge to your name, your chances are better. We advise that you get into a counseling program which is focused on drugs and alcohol. This would increase the chances of you getting admission into that university.

At this point, it is important to make sure that the difference between a DWI arrest and a DWI conviction is addressed. If you have been arrested in the past for DWI but you were not charged to court, you would probably be accepted in colleges provided that you remain honest during the application stage. If it is asked for, you should state that you have been arrested. It would most likely not affect your chances. However, schools vary and the decisions that are made might not also be the same.


What of if you have a DWI charge after admission has been granted

If you have been given admission into a university before you were arrested for a DWI offense, then it would be best to report the issue to the school. When it comes to DWI, most schools are led by their policies and would follow them strictly. If you fail to report the arrest or the conviction to the school authorities and it comes to their attention, your admission may be cancelled or suspended.

Also, if after your admission, you have been seen to be involved in various cases of drinking while driving, then this may have really bad effects on your admission. It might be suspended or you might end up losing it in the process.

It is important to act quickly when you are an arrest for a DWI offence. The truth is that if you are convicted for the offence, it can have a tremendous effect on many benefits that would have been open to you. For one thing, you would not be able to get any financial rewards which you may have been entitled to from your university. This is the time where you have to get a DWI lawyer Baton Rouge. Getting one will help ease the stress of litigation. 


DWI and Employment

When it comes to employment, getting charged with DWI can have a devastating effect. Most companies or employers make it their duty to run background checks on their employees. In other words, if you have been convicted of a DWI charge in the past, they would be very likely to find it. This would make them reluctant to want to employ you.

It gets even worse depending on the time of the job that you are doing. For example, if you are looking for a job as a driver, the likelihood is that you would surely not get one as a DWI charge gives the impression that you are not responsible while driving. Also, jobs that would require you to be close to children such as teaching or taking care of them would most likely be out of your reach.

If you are concerned about the marred image you have due to DWI, then you would no doubt be looking for an escape route. The only route available is to expunge the record and a DWI attorney in Baton Rouge would be in a perfect place to get this done for you.

We understand just how much a DWI charge or conviction can turn your life upside down. With this in our minds, we make it our goal to make sure that we do everything we can to help you put up a good defense. We want to ensure that you are free to live your life the way you want to and we would work with you to achieve this purpose.

So if you are facing a DWI charge, it would be best to deal with it as soon as possible. If you are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then a DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge would be the perfect option for you. We would be happy to help you with all the issues you have with your DWI charges. Without our team of lawyers, we assure that we would do our best to help you achieve your goal.

So do not waste time, make the step to get your DWI lawyer. The sooner, the better.

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