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A lot of drugs have been considered illegal in the United States for one reason or another. These drugs have been classified illegally by the five schedule classes. If by any chance, you are found guilty of possessing an illegal drug or distributing legal drugs without the proper prescription, you'll need a the best criminal lawyer to help get you out of trouble either by getting all your drug charges dropped or by reducing your sentence to the barest minimum possible.

More often than not, people are not exactly sure on where their drug possession falls under and therefore they move blindly into situations without getting the proper enlightenment. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, can help you understand everything you need to know and just how your case would be handled. We inform you of all the procedures that would be required to ensure your hearing in court is done smoothly as well as either getting your charges dismissed or reducing it to a bare minimum. Therefore, if by any chance you suspect you might be under investigation or your family or loved one is under investigation or has been arrested for a drug charge, it is truly advisable got you to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

The severity of a drug charge is heavily dependent on the amount found in a person's possession. This is because it helps in knowing if a person is a distributor, a trafficker, a manufacturer, a distributor or any other form of transactions that are still considered illegal in the East Baton Rouge Parish. Even a person possessing some legal drugs without the appropriate prescription could be in trouble with the law.

Schedule I drugs are often the ones with the most serious sentences attached to them.  Schedule V drug charges usually have a lesser sentence attachment.  The quantity of the drug and the defendant's prior criminal record are very important considerations for a judge in determining a sentence.


These are Examples of "Schedule I" drugs:

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy

The above drugs are normally not allowed to be sold in any pharmacy due to their effects and the fact they can be easily abused with any given medical health benefits.

Schedule II drugs usually include opiates and the other schedule III, IV and V are often available in pharmacies but require an appropriate prescription to be found in your possession.

The penalties for each drug charge often differ from one to the other and pleading guilty or being found guilty in trial can lead to either getting a fine, a probation or even prison sentences as the case may be. Our drug defense attorneys give you all the explanation you would need and procedures you need to takes, steps to be taken to ensure you have your charges dropped or at least reduced significantly.



Marijuana is one of the most controversial drugs in the world and East Baton Rouge Parish isn't any exception as some places made it legal, some decided to decriminalized it and others made it completely illegal in some states. Although it is legal in some states, it isn't however in others and knowing just the status of this drug in your locality helps in knowing just the turn out of your case and it's a presentation. Although this drug has been used for so many medicinal related purposes, it is still considered a schedule I drug and some people with cancer, glaucoma or severe anxiety are usually given a pass at carrying it through the right procedures. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense lawyers walk you through the law as we engage you in consultation and communication to know just how deep your case is as we work to help get your charges dropped or even reduced.


drug possession east baton rouge parish


Drug Crimes in East Baton Rouge Parish

Generally, the drug laws in Louisiana are heavily implemented and are really harsh as well. This is one of the reasons why a good drug attorney is needed if you get a drug possession charge in East Baton Rouge or Louisiana as a whole. When it has to do with drug-related cases, it usually doesn't matter if you are caught with either a schedule I drug just like marijuana or you are being accused of a more serious crime such as drug trafficking, one certain fact is that you would need a good and experienced lawyer who has handled a case such as this in the past.

Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we provide a very aggressive as well as a proactive defense for our clients, therefore we ensure to handle all your drug charges accordingly. We work hand in hand with prosecutors to give you the best chances of getting a dismissal from all your charges as well as reducing your sentence it there should be any.

Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we ensure our clients have the best representation in the most professional as well as aggressive manner. We represent all our clients who might have been charged for cases such as meth possession, illegal obtaining of CDS through fraud and even distribution on a state, local or even federal level all through East Baton Rouge and Louisiana as a whole.


Carl Barkemeyer is Your Drug Possession Lawyer in East Baton Rouge Parish

If you live in East Baton Rouge Parish or were driving through Louisiana with drugs, once you get arrested by the authorities, the strategy of your defense begins immediately. You are not required to say anything as saying too much can worsen your case more than it already is, however asking to get a drug defense lawyer is the first action you should take. It is also very important to know time is a crucial factor when you contact us here and the earlier you reach out to us, the earlier we can start working on your case to get you out of trouble. We have duly and perfectly tailored processes to fit the uniqueness of individual cases as well as keeping you abreast without good communication skill with clients. Looking for the best drug crime lawyer in East Baton Rouge Parish Louisiana? Contact Carl Barkemeyer today.

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