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Lots of drugs have been considered illegal in the United States for several reasons and these are all classified illegally by the five schedule classes. If due to any chance you begin to feel you are under investigation for possessing an illegal drug or being arrested, you would require a lawyer to help you get out of trouble. Even possessing a drug which is legal but without adequate prescription could also get you held accountable by the law. Getting a lawyer as early as possible helps in getting your charges either dropped or reduced to the barest minimum.

Most times out of none, People are usually unsure of if they are breaking a drug law and where their schedule falls under, therefore they move completely in ignorance and go blindly into situations without getting the proper information which is needed. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, can help you understand just about everything you need to know about your case and how it would most likely be handled. We let you know of all the procedures which would be required in your hearing in the court and ensure it is done smoothly to get your charges dropped or dropped to the barest minimum. Therefore, if by any chance you tend to suspect you might be under investigation or any of your family or loved Ones are charged with breaking any of the drug laws, it is advisable to get a lawyer as soon as possible.

 The severity of any drug charge is heavily a dependent on just the amount found in a person's possession. This is because it helps in knowing if a person is either a drug distributor, a trafficker, a manufacturer, a distributor or any other form of transactions that are still considered illegal in the eyes of the law. Even a person possessing some legal drugs without an appropriate prescription from the doctor could be in serious trouble with the law.

Schedule I drugs are often the drug-related crime with the most serious criminal charge attached to them. More than a Schedule V drug crime charge with is usually a lesser charge attachment.


These are Examples of "Schedule I" drugs:

  • marijuana
  • LSD
  • Ecstacy
  • Heroin

The drugs mentioned above are usually not allowed to be sold in most pharmacies, if not all, due to the effects they have on People such as being a psychoactive and the fact they can be easily abused without any given medical health.

Schedule II drugs are opiates and the other schedule III, IV and V are often available in pharmacies but usually require an appropriate prescription to be possessed.

The penalties for each drug charge often differ from one to the other and pleading guilty or being found guilty in the law court can lead to either getting a fine, a probation or even prison sentences as the case may be. Our attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer gives you all the explanation you would need and procedures you need to takes, steps to be taken to ensure you have your charges dropped or at least reduced significantly.



Over the years, marijuana has come to be one of the most controversial drugs in the world and the United States is inclusive. However, some states in the United States have come to legalize or decriminalize it but it is still illegal in most states same with cocaine and other forms of drug-related crimes. Although it is legal in silence states, it is illegal in some and knowing the status of drugs in your locality helps in knowing the turn out of your case during a presentation.

Although this drug is used for its medicinal purposes, it is however still considered a schedule I drug and people with cancer, glaucoma or severe anxiety usually have a pass in carrying and using these drugs with a reliable prescription. Here is Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense lawyers will walk you through everything you would need in drawing up your case. We hold consultations Abd communication to ensure we don't leave our clients in the dark. We let you know just how deep your case is, and procedures we will take in helping you get your charges dropped.


Drug crimes in Lake Providence, Louisiana

Generally, the drug laws in Louisiana are usually heavily implemented and are often really harsh as well as thorough. All these are good reasons you need a good attorney if you stay in Lake province and entire Louisiana as a whole.

When it comes to drug-related cases, it usually doesn't matter just if you are caught with a schedule I drug or being accused of a higher federal crime such as drug trafficking, you need a good and experienced lawyer like we have to offer to handle your case.

Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we offer you with the best lawyers who defend you not only aggressively and proactively but the most professional manner possible.

We represent clients who might have been charged for crimes such as the creation of meth lab, obtaining and Distribution of CDS in a state, local or federal level here in Lake Providence, Louisiana.


East Carroll Drug Defense Attorney

If you stay at East Carroll Parish in or you are visiting here for a while or any related situation of the sort, once you get arrested by the police, your strategy for your defense immediately begins. It is advisable to not say anything to the authorities till you have your lawyer present as anything you say or do will most likely be used against you in the court of law. Therefore, getting a lawyer is the first line of action you should take.

It is also important to understand how time importance is to a criminal case and contacting Carl Barkemeyer on time tends to help the case turn around for your own interest. We have a perfectly tailored procedure to fit each case's uniqueness as well as keeping a good communication skill as we do not believe in keeping our clients in the dark. Need a great lawyer for your case in East Carroll Parish, contact Carl Barkemeyer.

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