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If this is your first time being arrested in Louisiana, you may be scared and unsure about what to do. I have been representing clientsfirst offense dwi in louisiana charged with DWI first offense in Louisiana for over 18 years. I know how to help you get through this DWI arrest so your record will be protected.  You may be wondering if you will go to jail and lose your driver’s license. You may be wondering how much the DWI is going to cost you.  I can certainly answer all these questions for you which will ease your mind and help you sleep. Since it is a lot of information, contact me at 225-964-6720 to discuss your case.



Fines: $300 to $1,000 fine ($750 to $1,000 if BAC 0.20 or more)

Jail time: 10 days to 6 months in jail.

Drivers License Suspension: 12 months drivers license suspension (2 years if BAC 0.20 or more).

In addition, it’s possible for a first offender to receive 48 hours to six months in jail. 

DWI penalties also include:

  • Offenders could end up spending over 6 months in prison or be asked to pay a fine of about $300 to over $1,000. On a number of occasions, the prison term may be suspended if the offender is placed on probation and has carried out the following; a minimum of 32 hours of community service, about 48 hours of jail time, take part in a substance abuse program that has been recommended by the court, and takes part in a proper driver improvement program or course. During this period of time, the court may ask an offender not to drive a car except on the condition that an ignition interlock has been installed in the vehicle.
  • Offenders could get about two years of probation, and in that period of time, they may or may not be allowed to drive their vehicles.
  • The court may ask the offender to take part in about three compulsory 30 hours of re-education programs. Attendance in these three programs is mandatory, and the offender is made to take an active part. The three programs are usually; driver improvement program, substance abuse, and MADD victim program.
  • The community service offenders may be asked to do would mostly be to pick garbage off the streets.

Special Penalties

  • If it is discovered that the BAC level of an offender is over 0.15%, then the offender would have to serve an additional 48 hours of jail time which unlike the other one mentioned earlier cannot be suspended for any reason.
  • In the event that the BAC level is over 0.20%, the offender would have to spend about 48 hours in jail and would be made to pay a fine of about $750 to over $1,000. Also, an ignition interlock system would have to be installed in the vehicle of the offender for two years.
  • If it is found out that a child endangerment law has been violated, a number of the jail sentences that have been listed cannot be suspended.

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