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Gambling is a fun activity when you're winning but not when you're losing and that is one of the reasons it is so sorted after and many people hit the casinos hoping to hit the jackpot. It is also more fun when you are sure it is legal and can be a sour sport when you are spending your time in jail for gambling-related offenses. Although gambling can be seen as legal in some parts of the world, it is quite complicated for some other parts such as Louisiana, making it a complicated venture. So, what does the state of Louisiana say about gambling?

Gambling is both a legal and illegal thing in the state of Louisiana, matter of fact is that a lot of people know Louisiana as a haven for finding the best gambling spots but as you might know by now, not all versions of gambling are considered illegal. There are state laws that govern how gambling is viewed making either legal or illegal. If a gambling facility is permitted the state is to choose or make known the approved gambling that should take place in that facility as well as terms and conditions.

Just like other states like Illinois or Missouri, Louisiana also allows gambling on riverboats. These boats are referred to like anything that floats on water and they are common as well in the state of Louisiana. Some gambling is allowed while others are prohibited. Dog racing, for example, is illegal while horse racing on licensed racetracks is legal. Both casinos and riverboat gambling are allowed but they must be approved to do so and video poker players must be over the age of 21.

There are other laws involving gaming and computer gambling which Would all be covered by a good criminal defense attorney it is usually advisable to call one immediately you’ve been charged so that can begin working on your case as soon as possible.

The statute of Louisiana regarding gambling under La RS 14:90 explains just how you can commit a gambling-related event and also how you can be charged for such an offense. Gambling offenses, although not considered as felonies, are serious offenses that come with strict and harsh laws that could include fines and jail sentences.

The law of Louisiana is usually very harsh for people found guilty of such charges and although they are considered as felonies, they shouldn’t be taken very leniently.

People found guilty for gambling-related offenses can face time and charges but people who are suspected of such acts have the right to a lawyer just as every other citizen to minimize their sentences or get their charges dropped. It is boldly written in the Louisiana statute on how the law deals with people found guilty.

According to the statute of Louisiana, here are the laws concerning Gambling;

  • Gambling is considered an intentional act of directly or indirectly conducting business such as games, contests lotteries and so on in a situation where a person stands a chance of losing something valuable.
  • People who are involved in such crimes related to gambling stand a chance of being fined not more than $500 or can face prison sentences lasting no more than 6 years. They can also be charged with both.
  • People who conduct such acts like involving them being a part of an illegal gambling business stands a chance of being fined not more than $20,000. They can also be imprisoned with or without hard labor for a period of not more than five years or even both.
  • A person can also be charged if they are found guilty of directly or indirectly assisting an illegal gambling business of any contest, lottery or game which could be in a casino or commercial cruise ships.

Some of these laws apply only to commercial cruise ships which are carrying passengers from one port to another in the continental limits of the country. If the population on the boat is more than 300,000 or sailing out of the United States, there would be charged provided the ship is not anchored or docked and is indeed moving from one place from another. People found guilty of this would also be charged with harsh penalties, fines, and prison sentences.

Getting the right lawyer to defend you would also mean getting one that can address the law and explain all you need to know about the sections and their subsection. They are also required to work with investigators to know the right approach to your situation.

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney

A person who has been charged for any form of illegal gambling in Baton Rouge would require a lawyer to defend them aggressively in court and we do just that and a lot more. We carefully explain the law to you so you understand why you are being prosecuted as we find a way to get your charge dropped completely or reduced as much as possible.

We understand just how scary it can be for a person to be charged with criminal offenses as they can leave a permanent taint to their records and make it hard for them to find jobs get scholarships and even lose the already existing job they have. It can also cause them to be separated from their families out of stigma as the case may be. This is why we do the best we can to ensure this doesn’t have to happen.

We work hand in hand with investigators to ensure that no stone is left unturned. We also work with the prosecutors to know the progress of your case. We are also very concerned with your records and open to any questions you might have for us.

We believe in transparency and that is why we ask you all the questions necessary to make progress in your case. If you need a criminal defense attorney for gambling-related offenses as well as other criminal offenses here at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, why not contact us today?

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