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Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.  Download your free copy to learn more about the criminal process and drug defenses in Louisiana.


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The law is very harsh in any drug-related offense in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. If arrested by the authorities, for drug distribution or possession in Jefferson Parish or any other parish in Louisiana, you could face severe penalties. Drug charges are not taken lightly by Jefferson prosecutors and judges.

The consequences that come with a drug arrest in Jefferson are not just painful but severe. Added to the fact that it leaves you with a criminal record if not properly handled and you are found guilty. If you want to minimize these consequences, contacting Carl Barkemeyer is the best and reliable option.


Jefferson Parish Drug Charge Lawyer

Carl Barkemeyer is a drug defense attorney that defends clients from drug arrests in Jefferson Parish. He is a proactive, aggressive and competent drug charge lawyer who you can always count on because he has the experience needed to handle your case. Over the years Mr. Barkemeyer has defended hundreds of clients with drug charges such as possession, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution.


Why Our Gretna Drug Lawyer?

  • At our drug defense law firm, there are lots of competent, capable, skillful and well experienced, attorneys.
  • Our lawyers have a proven track record of aggressive and subtly (if the need arises) defending clients who have been charged for a drug possession. We try to get the drug charge dismissed, and where dismissal is not possible, reduce the punishment to the barest minimum.
  • Carl Barkemeyer also advises our clients on drug treatment and counseling procedures to help them receive the best possible help and in the end give grant them a favorable result.
  • Mr. Barkemeyer is also known to possess great knowledge in every drug-related offense you can think of and he knows what treatment would work best for you. Over the years he has helped lots of clients get proper treatment as well. And this has greatly assisted his career.
  • The lawyers defending clients in Gretna do their best to ensure that their clients are wisely and properly defended in various drug situations to ensure that the outcome favorable to them.
  • Also, Carl Barkemeyer, and his criminal lawyers help you make use of facts as well as their indebt of knowledge of the law to put up a good fight for you in court.
  • And when evidence has been presented against you in court, we are highly-trained at arguing and filing motions to suppress such evidence. And this has proven to be most successful in cases where police officers used unconstitutional means to conduct a search and arrest on you. And because all the process related to search and seizure has been properly and extensively researched on by our lawyers you can be sure that we will provide solid and superb arguments on your behalf so as to get rulings in your favor.
  • The lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer are highly experienced and are sure to provide you with the best representation you need. And because you might have some questions you may want to ask, Carl Barkemeyer sets up a consultation with you and provides answers to all the questions you ask relating to your offense and procedures involved in handling your charges in Gretna and all over Louisiana.
  •  So, if you, your friend or maybe your relative has been arrested or even charged for any drug charge, reach out to Carl Barkemeyer immediately as this is very crucial in getting you out of trouble and avoiding a criminal record. You can be assured that all right accrued to a person who has been charged for a drug possession charge would be properly and patiently explained to you by intelligent attorneys at our drug defense law firm.


drug possession in jefferson parish


What kind of drug-related services are rendered by our Gretna Drug Possession Lawyer?

In Gretna, Carl Barkemeyer offers professional defense services for all drug-related offenses. Irrespective of the nature of the drug charge in which you are facing in Gretna and in all Louisiana. These services include defending:

1) drug distribution

2) fraudulently obtaining CDS

3) trafficking of drugs

4) drug possession

5) possession of drugs with the intent to distribute.

These and many more are part of their services.

According to Mr. Barkemeyer, helping clients maintain a clean criminal record and clean from addiction has been his motivation and this has helped him to without let up, continue to defend his clients both subtly and aggressively.


So, if you reside in Jefferson Parish Louisiana, and you have a drug charge, what should you do?

Reach out to your drug charge attorney in Jefferson Parish Louisiana.

The gravity of the penalty you are to face is greatly determined by the degree of offense you are found guilty of. And if you were arrested in a drug-free zone while in possession of drugs or while in use of drugs, the punishment would be even more severe. On no account should a drug charge be taken for granted as its consequences are not palatable. Therefore, you need help from only experienced defense attorneys because, without an experienced attorney, there is a very high probability that you would end up in jail with the most severe punishment. And this you do not want.

Carl Barkemeyer is a Gretna drug possession lawyer who also has highly trained and skillful lawyers in Jefferson who will willingly take up your case and defend you both subtly and aggressively in other that you get the justice you deserve and the ruling may be in your favor. All you need to do is reach out to our lawyers in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. These lawyers are highly competent and they understand that every case is different even though it might have a similar fact. As a result, they patiently research on your case leaving no stone unturned in other that justice will be in your favor.

So, regardless of the nature of the drug crime you are charged with, reach out to Carl Barkemeyer and we would come to your aid immediately as well.

"Great attorney - very detailed and knowledgeable.
I will recommend him to anyone and if needed I'd consult with him again.!"