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Breach of contract is an offense that is capable of crippling even the most successful business. If you are charged with breach of contract and fraud, and you don't have a team of attorneys that knows their onion to advise and represent you, it may lead to bankruptcy.

We are dedicated to protecting the interests and rights of our clients, as we understand the breach of contract law. For years, we have acted as both a litigator and negotiator for our clients, ensuring that their interests are communicated at all times.

Have you suffered a breach of contract and you want to sue a company, contact a Contractor Fraud Lawyer in Lafayette in the form of Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney?

Has a contract fraud case been brought against you? Contact a contractor fraud lawyer in Lafayette today.

We handle different types of Contractor fraud cases like fraud, breach of contract, as well as disputes under the Uniform Commercial Code.

While we analyze the breach of contract claim, we can analyze the benefits that may come from it, in the form of money and time.


Breach of Contract Claims: How Does It Start?

Sometimes, in a contract, the responsibilities and the rights aren't stated clearly, as a result of poor drafting or similar stuff. If this is the case of your contract and it is reached, the litigation may become exorbitant.  Our years of experience have taught us what to look out for in breach of contract claims. We always come up with solutions that may be somewhat favorable to the different parties, to a large extent.


Aspects That A Contractor Fraud Lawyer in Lafayette Can Handle

There are a number of aspects of contractor fraud that Carl Barkemeyer can take care of.

Bid rigging fraud

Has your company been charged for bid-rigging fraud, and you are looking for the attorney to handle the case? You need an attorney that can protect your interests in such a case.



Have you been charged with kickbacks? It is high time that you have an attorney that knows his onion to represent you.


Product defects

No matter how great a company you may have, sometimes, product defects may occur. This may lead to lawsuits that can cripple your company. What do you do? It is important that you have a contractor fraud lawyer in Lafayette representing you.

Did you notice that the company you are partnering with, in a project supplied your defective products? Do not take it for granted. Get an attorney that can represent your interests.


False inventory

It is common to deal with companies that claim to have things that they clearly do not have. This is a clear case of contractor fraud. What do you do in this case? Instead of throwing threats about that could worsen the case for you, it is available to hire an attorney immediately to represent you. The case doesn't have to be in court before you seek the services of Carl Barkemeyer. We act as both a negotiator and litigator for our clients.

Have a case of false inventory been brought against your company? It is no news that poor publicity is capable of crippling the operations and finances of your business. To help mitigate the case, it is advisable that you have an attorney that knows his onion representing you.


False qualifications

It is no news that in the business world, falsifying one's qualifications is a common thing. Have you been deceived into entering a contract with someone with falsified qualifications? What should you do? It is advisable that you contact an attorney to represent you and seek beneficial solutions to the dilemma.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney: Why You Need Us?

Immediately people are arrested, they feel that the first thing that they should do is to plead their case with the arresting officers, trying to let them know why they are innocent. The truth may be that you are innocent, but do you know that you could worsen your situation by talking, instead of keeping mute?

This is why you are told of your rights to keep mute when you are arrested. Take that right and not blurt out more incriminating things that could seal the deal for the prosecutor.

Immediately you are arrested, what should you do? Contact us immediately. We will come to your rescue, and advise you on what to do based on the law and the circumstances surrounding your case.


1. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Represents You and Prevents You from Blurting Out Incriminating Things

Instead of blurting out more things that could make it easier for the arresting officers to get you behind bars, we stop you from doing that. We talk to the authorities on your behalf and try to find out what they have against you. We see if any deal could be struck that could get you out of the mess.


2. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Builds Up A Case for You

After that, we build up a case for you. We analyze the circumstances surrounding your case. Were you racially profiled? Do they have evidence against you or is it merely a case of hearsay? Are they fishing or have proof that could nail you? We try to find out these, and from what we gather, we build a case for you.


3. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Looks at The Loopholes

Years of experience have taught one that there may be some loopholes in the case which could be used in your favor. We analyze if the search was carried with a warrant if there was the possible cause and so on.

How were you treated during the arrest? Were you read your rights or not? Is the evidence they have against you real or a figment of their imagination?

We put intense effort and time into helping our clients. Contact us today, let us work on your case.


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