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Our Louisiana drug charge lawyers defend clients regarding the following drug charges and more:

We defend clients for the above as they relate to the following:

In Lafayette Parish, Louisiana the law is very harsh when it comes to the use and possession of drugs if arrested by the authorities in Lafayette parish. Automatically, you could be charged for drug possession and charged with breach of federal law with regard to narcotics trafficking. When this happens, what should you do? Get a criminal defense attorney immediately. Getting an experienced drug charge lawyer is of utmost importance.


Why get an experienced drug charge lawyer?

  1. There are many severe consequences that come with getting convicted of possession and use of drugs and these consequences are even more severe when arrested by the authorities in drug-free zones.
  2. The use of the services of an inexperienced lawyer could lead to having criminal records which do no good to your reputation and would surely deprive you of a lot of rights and privileges
  3. The use of the service an inexperienced lawyer is more likely to land you behind bars (in jail) with a very harsh sentence 


Where to find an experienced drug charge lawyer in Lafayette Louisiana?

Carl Barkemeyer is a drug charge attorney defending clients in Lafayette Louisiana who offers professional defense services for all kinds of drug-related offenses in Lafayette. Carl Barkemeyer has accumulated excellent experience with passing years as he has also worked with prosecutors in order to get drug charges dismissed or reduced and sentences minimized. He has a proven track record of aggressively defending clients that have been charged with a wide range of drug offenses while ensuring he comes up with the best result possible for his clients. Mr. Barkemeyer has a good sound history of getting his clients out of trouble.

It is immaterial the kind of drug charge you are facing. The Louisiana lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer are very competent, skillful, intelligent and hardworking and would do their best to ensure that your charges are dropped, reduced, or sentence minimized and where this is not possible they work hard to ensure that you have a mitigated punishment.

The drug defense attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer are highly experienced and would provide you with the best representation. And if you have questions regarding procedures involved in handling your drug charges the lawyers will set up a consultation with you and an provide answer to all your questions.

At Carl Barkemeyer, we have spent so many years wisely in defending our clients in different drug-related situations and we ensure that we do everything within our power to ensure a favorable outcome for our clients.

We also ensure that all our clients receive the best possible help by counseling them on treatment and procedures that will help boost our chances in getting a favorable judgment. This includes staying off drugs before coming to court as a drug test would always be run.

Mr. Barkemeyer is also highly knowledgeable in every drug-related offense and he knows what treatment is best for you. And this has helped him build his career by assisting clients in Lafayette and all over Louisiana.

According to Mr. Barkemeyer, the need to see clients uphold clean criminal record whilst staying clear of drugs has always been his motivation and as a result, he doesn’t mind being aggressive and sometimes subtle (where the need arises) in court to achieve his purpose.

Also, provision has been made in our company for a criminal defense attorney to teach the client to make use of facts as well as the law to put a good fight in court. If there is an eventuality that any evidence what so ever is tendered against you in court with our professional filing and arguing skill we help to effectively suppress any evidence that is presented against you. This has proven to be most effective in cases where a police officer used an unconstitutional method to conduct a search and arrest on you. We are proud to say that many topics related to search and seizures have been extensively researched by our legal practitioners and they have all the needed knowledge to provide solid argument during court hearings in Lafayette Parish.


When is the best time to contact or reach out to your drug charge attorney in Lafayette?

Regardless of the severity of the drug-related crime you have committed, Carl Barkemeyer has all necessary resources that are needed to act on your behalf ranging from highly trained lawyers in Lafayette who have the right background as well as the skill that is needed to take up your case while representing you in court.

Delay could be dangerous and as such it’s best to contract your drug charge attorney immediately you have been slapped with a specific charge and will immediately without any hesitation come to your aid. Just as we have in time past continuously put in our best efforts to serve clients in Lafayette and all over Louisiana to ensure they get the justice they deserve we willing to do the same for you too. All you have to do is reach out to us immediately you get arrested and we would come to your aid immediately because we know the consequences of drug charges and we understand that these should not be taken for granted.

A great defense attorney understands that every criminal offense case has its own unique facts and there are no two the same situations even though they might sometimes be similar. In Carl Barkemeyer all circumstances are individually and patiently considered in order to arrive at a favorable conclusion. We have been to many courts all over Louisiana and have been able to get positive outcomes for put clients by doing our best to help them stay out of jail or having the punishments meted out them reduced to its barest minimum.

So, do not hesitate to contact Carl Barkemeyer your criminal defense attorney immediately you get arrested or if ever you get involved in a drug-related offense and you can be assured that we would come to your rescue immediately and do our best to help drop your charges.

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