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Every state in the country outlaws the act of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It doesn't matter if the drugs are prescription or not. DWI means driving while intoxicated and is used interchangeably with DUI- driving under the influence.

It doesn't matter if there is proof that there was a high level of alcohol in the bloodstream through blood-alcohol concentration (BAC), Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney will look for a way to get it dismissed or the charges reduced.

As your DWI lawyer in Lake Charles, Carl Barkemeyer will look at every aspect of the case, and see what lane to toe. He will check if he should ask for an arrangement like a treatment diversion program, where you will be rehabilitated instead of being sent to jail. He could also negotiate for lesser sentences.

Immediately you are convicted for DWI, you are given a sentence, which is mostly:

Your Driver's License Being Revoked,

You Being Slapped with A Fine,

You Facing Community Service, or


Sometimes, it could be more than one penalty. What penalty that you will face is dependent on how severe the case is, and if it is to be seen as a first offense.

Your DWI lawyer in Lake Charles may be able to get you driving privileges, which may involve making use of an ignition interlock device (IDD). Sometimes, it could be permission from the court to only drive from and to your office.


If I Am Arrested For DWI, What Should I Do?

When you have been arrested, there are a number of things that you should do to help your case. Doing these ensures that your civil liberties and rights are protected.


Stay mute. When you are arrested, you have the right not to say anything to the police. This is your Miranda rights. The police can arrest you when they have probable cause, but you have the right not to say anything when you have been arrested. This is because whatever you say can be used against you in the court. If you are forced into saying anything before your Miranda right is said, there is a great chance that it won't be admissible in court. If, on the other hand, your Miranda rights have been said, and you say things after that, those things can be used by the prosecution team. Keep mute and follow the officers. Do not be rude to them, shout at them or tell them that you will have their badges ripped from them, no matter how influential that you may think you are.


Be calm and ask to see your DWI Lawyer in Lake Charles.

If you can't afford an attorney, ask for a state representative. It is important that you get your own attorney. This is because many state representatives tend to have a backlog of cases and may not pay serious attention to yours. You need a DWI lawyer in Lake Charles that lives and breathes your case. You need one that will spend time, ensuring that every aspect of your case is analyzed, and defense strategies are cooked up to cover them.


Do not tell the police anything until your lawyer comes to your rescue. Do not agree to a blood test or mouth swab till your lawyer is present. Do not assent to a line up until your lawyer is present. It won't be a bad idea to find out the badge number of those law enforcement officials that you may come across. This allows you to know who to finger if you are treated poorly or your rights are violated. Whatever questioning or discussions that you ask, request that your lawyer is present. Tell the police that you want your lawyer to deal with them and the prosecution team. If need be, let them handle the plea bargain or whatever deal that is reached. Do not let the police convince you into talking to them without your lawyer around with claims that they are interested in protecting your interests. In most cases, the police are more interested in closing cases than proving a guilty person innocent. They want to climb up the ladder of success, and you are a great way to do that.


Have you been injured? If you were injured in the course of being arrested, ask that pictures be taken. This is important as a great form of defense. You should also ask for medical attention to treat those wounds.


Tell your DWI lawyer in Lake Charles about witnesses that you may know. It won't be a bad idea to let your criminal defense attorney know that you have an alibi or a witness that can prove that you didn't commit the crime. Give your lawyer their contact information. A witness or alibi is a great way to show that you are innocent of whatever crime that was brought against you.


Things You Should Never Do

There are some things that you should never do when arrested.

Under no condition should you tell anyone about the case even those in jail with you? If you say anything to them, the prosecution team can use them against you, and they won't have any choice but to comply. The only person that you should discuss your case with is your lawyer, not even your therapist.

Do not think that any word the police say is true. See everything that they say in order to get you to talk as a lie. They can claim they want to help you. This is a fat lie.

Do not resist arrest or try to run. It makes you look more guilty. It could be brought up in court to convince the jury that you are guilty. Remain calm and follow the arresting officers.

Do not permit the police to search your things without a warrant or probable cause. Do not give them the right to enter your home for any reason whatsoever. If you're being arrested outside your home and you allow them to enter to call your wife or get you a piece of item, they have the right to search your home at that moment. This is because you gave them permission to enter your home. Do not allow them to convince you to give them permission to go and feed your cat or dog. Follow them into their vehicles.


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