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Have you been slapped with a criminal offense in Baton Rouge? A criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge can be of help to you. One of the first things that your Baton Rouge lawyer will do is to make sure that you understand everything that has to do with your charge and what is involved in the sentencing. Then, your lawyer will enlighten you about how the justice process works and what you are to expect. If your lawyer is experienced you will be enlightened beforehand about the possible outcomes that could result from your case in the event of a conviction. Every fact about your criminal case will be discussed with you to ensure that you fully understand. If you get into an altercation with the law, what you need is an aggressive defense lawyer who will provide you with adequate legal solutions to ensure that the prosecution impact is reduced. This is what Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is committed to doing and every client that works with the attorneys at our criminal defense agency is always kept updated about their case. When getting a criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, remember that communication is key and that the attorney that you work with can only be of help to you if you are comfortable and have a good rapport with them.

Is important to note that the fact that you have been charged doesn't mean that you have been convicted. Even if a summons has been handed out to you or that the authorities have arrested you, it is in no way an indication of a conviction. The only time when a conviction in Baton Rouge can occur is if you plead guilty or the jury finds you guilty during the trial. Therefore, as a defendant, you are innocent until the prosecutors can adequately prove that you are guilty. This must be done convincingly as proof that you really committed the crime. Under the law, you are innocent until proven guilty. Then again, avoiding a conviction is very possible. So, despite the fact that you may have had a very poor case, it is still very possible to escape being convicted. This is the reason that a criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge who is very experienced must be hired by you as they will be able to develop strategies which can be used in order to help you avoid being convicted. These strategies include assisting you in the completion of treatment, educational classes, rehabilitative classes, as well as, community service and more. it is these factors which will play a lead role in convincing the jury that you deserve leniency.


Lawyer in Baton Rouge



You’ll be at an advantage if you hire a criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, especially, if you’re involved in a case that requires court proceedings. However, the most important factor is to ensure that you work with a criminal defense attorney whom you feel very comfortable and relaxed with and with whom you have developed a good communication rapport. The fact that a lawyer maybe you committed to you as the best doesn't necessarily mean that that lawyer is right for you. Remember that lawyers are human beings, not machines. So, it is inevitable that they will not always get along very well with you. Sometimes, people get to claim that they really did not experience any satisfaction from the services offered to them by their lawyer in Baton Rouge but only went ahead to work with the attorney based on recommendations from their friend or family.

Carl Barkemeyer is a criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge who is dedicated to providing criminal defense, as well as, DUI defense legal services to clients in Baton Rouge. For more than a decade, he has successfully upheld the client’s rights in the entire Louisiana state. Legal representation is one of the many legal services that Mr. Barkemeyer provides. Have you been slapped with a misdemeanor charge or even a felony charge? Mr. Barkemeyer is dedicated to assisting in recalling bench warrants, as well as, handling arrest warrants. He provides help for clients who have been giving a summons or who have been arrested. No matter what stage you are a criminal case, Mr. Barkemeyer can step into the situation and help you.


Criminal Defense Legal Services in Baton Rouge

When it comes to aggressive defense in relation to any kind of misdemeanor charge, Mr. Barkemeyer provides top-notch misdemeanor attorney services in Baton Rouge. Did you receive a summons? Have you been arrested? You need to understand that legal representation from a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge like Mr. Barkemeyer is sufficient enough to make a difference for you in your case. Below are some criminal defense cases that Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney provides in Baton Rouge and entire Louisiana –


DWI/DUI - first or second offense

Do you know anyone in Baton Rouge or entire Louisiana who has been charged for driving under the influence? Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is, also, referred to as driving while intoxicated (DWI). You must keep in mind that you have only one month to file for an administrative hearing on the basis of your license. There will be an attempt to get your license seized or suspended by the authorities. Carl Barkemeyer is a criminal defense lawyer has the legal experience needed to take care of the administrative hearing procedure on your behalf. Also, you need to understand the repercussions of being arrested for driving while intoxicated and your defense attorney from our agency will ensure that you are kept in the loop about how the justice system works in relation to your case in Louisiana.



When it comes to murder charges, the state of Louisiana takes cases like this is very serious. Therefore, it is important that you treat this case very seriously. If you happen to get convicted after your murder charges, you will be sent to jail and may spend the rest of your life behind bars without being granted the benefit of parole. So, it is important that you work with a lawyer in Baton Rouge who is very experienced and has the necessary skills needed to pilot your case. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is made up of highly trained defense lawyers who have gained valuable experience in courtroom procedures and have what it takes to apply legal strategies that will see your case reduced to the barest minimum or even get you an acquittal.


Underage DWI/DUI

If you are below 21 and have a BAC of .02, according to the laws in Louisiana, it is deemed that you are under the influence. For this kind of offense, the authorities treat offenders with strict discipline and you need a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in representing underage DWI clients in Baton Rouge. This is where Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney comes in.


Hit and Run

Hit and run criminal cases are very complicated since lots of things will be considered. A civil case may ensue because an accident took place. The case could involve related insurance firms, adjusters, as well as, other attorneys. Our understanding of hit and run cases and how all the issues overlap each other equips us with the skills necessary to provide you with legal assistance and representation. According to the law, a hit and run case involves a situation where a driver whose car is involved in or leads to an accident fails to stop his car at the accident scene in order to provide his identity while rendering assistance.



If you are involved in a robbery case, the law in Louisiana could sentence you to long years in prison. For robbery charges, a lawyer that is very skilled and has the experience to handle robbery cases is needed to represent you. There are lots of issues involved in robbery cases and you can risk spending the rest of your life in prison if you do not work with an attorney that has great cross-examination skills to either get you acquitted or have the charges reduced. Mr. Barkemeyer is aware of the fact that cross-examination is very important in defending successfully. Misidentification issues usually come up in robbery cases and Mr. Barkemeyer has been involved in cases where the client was wrongly identified. This is why you need the best possible legal representation that you can get.


Malfeasance in Office

Malfeasance in Office is considered as a serious crime and you require detailed attention, as well as, the services of an experienced attorney to get a very good presentation. If you are found guilty, your life can be greatly affected. You could end up losing your job and you have to go through the ordeal of being scrutinized by the public without being able to land employment in the future. So, if this kind of case comes up on your plate, ensure that you contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to come to your aid.


Drug Charges

There is a very low tolerance level when it comes to how the authorities see drug offenders in Baton Rouge. Louisiana drug laws are very harsh and you must seek the services of an experienced lawyer in Baton Rouge to help you out with your drug charges. Were you arrested for drug possession? Have you been accused of violating the federal narcotics law? Then, reach out to Mr. Barkemeyer to provide you with proactive legal services and aggressively take up your case in court. Mr. Barkemeyer has the needed experience as he has worked with prosecutors over the years to get clients dismissed from court.


Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP)

If you are below the age of 21 and are found with alcohol in your possession, you will face very severe consequences from the Louisiana authorities. In fact, you stand the risk of being jailed for about six months. Then again, a driver’s license might be seized for 2-3 months. So, it is important that you take this case very seriously as you do not want a dent in your records.


Reckless Driving

Looking for an experienced reckless driving criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge? Then, Mr. Barkemeyer is here for you. There's more to reckless driving than being slapped with a traffic ticket. In fact, you stand the risk of going to jail, paying very huge fines, as well as, having your insurance premiums increased. So, handling this case should be left to only the professionals in order to get the best possible outcome and have the charges dismissed or consequences reduced.


Illegal Gun Possession

The State of Louisiana treats gun charges with seriousness. According to the Louisiana law, firearms usage has certain codes which must be adhered to by everyone in Baton Rouge and all of Louisiana. So, you need to ensure that you do not violate the laws. However, in the event that you get involved in a gun possession charge, do not hesitate to reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge.



Burglary cases have a very long prison sentence attached to them. In a situation like this, only a skilled lawyer in Baton Rouge with the experience should be contacted. Burglary charges are always complicated because of the issues of proof which always come up. When it comes to misidentification, Mr. Barkemeyer has extensive experience and has handled lots of cases that have to do with the misidentification of clients with success. So, in the event that you get caught in a burglary case, serious legal representation is urgently needed and do not fail to contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.



According to the laws in Louisiana, this is seen as an attempted battery or intentionally putting another person in the position of being battered. If you threaten or attempt to inflict injuries on someone physically, then, you have committed an assault. Have you been involved in a case of assault? If the authorities have charged you, then, one option is to plead on the basis of lack of intent or you can plead self-defense. This could lead to the dismissal of your case based on the available evidence. However, you cannot do this alone and you need a lawyer in Baton Rouge that is highly experienced and has in-depth knowledge of how the laws related to assault works in Louisiana to handle your case.



Just like with assault, battery cases are treated with the utmost seriousness in Baton Rouge and other areas in Louisiana. Incidents that are related to battery include confrontations, bar fights, use of deadly weapons, domestic violence, and more. According to the laws in Louisiana, battery is seen to be intentionally using force or violence on someone else. It is, also, seen as intentionally administering a poison or any other poisonous substance to someone else. This is simply intentionally acting in a violent way to cause harm to another person physically. You may be involved in a simple battery which is said to be battery that is carried out on the victim without their agreement. Aggravated battery has to do with making use of a dangerous weapon. Then, second-degree battery has to do with inflicting injury on someone purposely. So, to avoid having the full wrath of the law meted out to you in your case, you need an experienced criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge to standing in for you and plead your case.


Improper Telephone Communications

Cases like this involve your being arrested or having a summons handed out to you. Whichever way it happens, what is important is that you treat this charge with the utmost seriousness since you stand the risk of having your criminal record dented. A dent in your criminal record will lead to a negative impact that you have to live with for the rest of your life. So, Mr. Barkemeyer is highly experienced in cases that have to do with improper telephone communications in Louisiana and it will be wise to seek our services at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.



Depending on how valuable what was stolen is, theft charges in Baton Rouge may come in the form of felonies or misdemeanors. Mr. Barkemeyer is extensively grounded in theft law and has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to get very favorable results in theft cases. So, if your case looks poor, then, contact the attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to step into your case and help you. According to the laws in Louisiana, theft has to do with misappropriation or is referred to as taking something which has value but belongs to someone else without their knowledge or by engaging in fraudulent conduct, as well as, practices and representations. This is basically the intent to deprive another person of being in possession of the misappropriated or taken subject permanently.

If you are involved in a theft case, it is important that you hire a lawyer in Baton Rouge that is very experienced in handling theft cases and Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is willing to step into your situation and provide you with the best criminal defense lawyers. Mr. Barkemeyer totally understands the processes involved in minimizing the punishments that come with your theft charge. He has outstanding litigation skills and knows all the negotiation techniques needed to get you out of trouble.


Bank Fraud

Have you been caught up in the bank fraud charge? This is a very serious offense which can see you spend lots of time in jail. This sort of case usually has to do with lots of facts and requires that you work with an attorney who has the experience and vital skill needed to defend you. Mr. Barkemeyer is a highly renowned fraud defense lawyer practicing in the state of Louisiana.


Possession of Marijuana

In the United States, marijuana happens to be a drug that is very widely used and this too is applicable in Baton Rouge. In the state of Louisiana, marijuana crimes have a very high rate of prosecution in the area of possession and use. Marijuana possession may be classified under the misdemeanors or felonies. This mostly depends on how many times you have been convicted in the past. If you are being charged for marijuana possession, do not hesitate to contact us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney.



When it comes to prostitution, solicitation, as well as, pandering, lots of defenses are available. These cases are unique in themselves and the available defense will be related to the kind of evidence that is presented. What you should do if you are caught in the prostitution charge is to reach out to a lawyer in Baton Rouge that is experienced in this field. Your case will be evaluated and the lawyer will cross-examine the witnesses. The right persons will be questioned and you will have the legal assistance needed to build a very good case. So, for persons involved in prostitution, solicitation, as well as, pandering, do well to reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney to provide you with the much-needed legal solutions to get you out of this mess.


Every Other Misdemeanor Charge

Receiving a misdemeanor can be done in two separate ways. The first way is that a misdemeanor summons can be given to you. Here, you will be given a ticket which contains all the misdemeanor charges leveled against you. The second way of getting this is by being arrested based on the misdemeanor charges that you have committed. In some way, a misdemeanor differs from a felony. This is because felonies usually come with a prison sentence or some form of hard labor. However, with a misdemeanor in Baton Rouge, you will get a potential jail sentence which amounts to about six months.

We advise that you treat a misdemeanor with all seriousness. the convictions that come with a misdemeanor can be enhanceable which implies that committing similar offenses again could lead to a felony. With a single charge, you can bag as much as 6 months. So, you require a lawyer in Baton Rouge that is very experienced in handling and misdemeanors and felonies. Most offenders do not know what is involved when they face criminal charges. This causes them to panic and take irrational actions. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney makes it a priority to ensure that clients are fully informed about everything involved in the criminal process in Louisiana and how the Louisiana laws work in relation to their case. Our attorneys have extensive experience in communicating all the essentials to clients about the justice system and how court proceedings work. Then again, we maintain strict confidentiality about information regarding our clients which ensures that trust is developed.


Serious Felony Charges

For all kinds of felony criminal charges, Mr. Barkemeyer is a widely renowned lawyer in Baton Rouge that provides defense services to clients. In a felony charge, you stand the risk of being sentenced with hard labor. Some of the felony charges include 3rd and 4th cases of DWI, felony criminal offenses, malfeasance, robbery, as well as, felony battery, burglary, assault, and more. There are felonies where you must be convicted once you are found guilty. These felony charges need to be handled by experienced attorneys in Baton Rouge and this is where Mr. Barkemeyer comes in. All through his career in the legal environment in Louisiana, he has successfully taken up felony cases and has utilized his experience in litigation and negotiation to come up with the best achievable outcomes for clients. You must ensure that you work with a criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge that is very experienced in order to have top-notch legal representation and have your rights upheld adequately in court.


Help for Students with Criminal Chargeslawyer in Baton Rouge

At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney we provide representation services for students at LSU, as well as, other colleges in Baton Rouge and entire Louisiana. Student representation is totally different from the representation of other clients who are involved in criminal cases. This kind of case needs detailed and special attention and investigation to ensure that the criminal record of our client is protected. Then again, our legal services are geared towards helping them to complete their schooling. Student criminal cases usually put a strain on parents and it is the duty of the lawyer in Baton Rouge to ensure that the stress is lifted from the backs of the parents while coming up with a strategy that will see the student client vindicated. Parents love to reach out to Mr. Barkemeyer while seeking for help. Our attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney are always willing to offer legal solutions to clients who are in college but are caught in a criminal offense.

Students and young individuals still have a long way to go in the world. The future lies ahead of them and a criminal record will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The issues that have to do with a criminal charge for young people are very unique and need very skilled legal representation. This is totally different when compared to offering legal representation to a client that has committed an offense multiple times such as armed robbery or battery. Clients of college age, as well as, clients that are currently scheduled at the LSU must be given special attention, as well as, a representation that is customized to suit their situation.

Most times, we come in contact with student clients through parents. The criminal charges leveled against their children leave these parents very terrified and depressed since they are unsure of what the future of their child will be. However, we alleviate the stress that the parents feel and provide relief by explaining to them everything that has to do with the situation and stepping in to take control of the case. We work very hard to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved and that our clients are given a second chance.


How we can help college and university students

While providing legal representation services for students, we take steps to help them fix their personal issues, ensure that their criminal record stays clean, and enlighten them on how severe their criminal charges are, why they should desist from carrying out such actions in the future, and help to repair the damage done. The idea here is to do everything possible to ensure that these young ones are able to complete their schooling and pursue their educational careers or find employment which has always been their dream. A minor offense along the line should not be a factor that ruins the chance for them to succeed in life.

Basically, clients from college happen to be naïve and do not know anything about a criminal charge. So, we provide additional support to them by helping them to realign their goals and get back on track in order to successfully complete their education. With these strategies, we have come to see that at the end of the proceedings, our client behaves more responsibly and has a more improved knowledge of accountability and the best way to make it through school for success. There are numerous clients that we have worked with and we have received the appreciation of their parents due to how dedicated and committed we stayed while working with them to get their child through the ordeal.


Hiring a Defense Lawyer in Baton Rouge

When exactly is the right time to reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney? Of course, when you are slapped with a misdemeanor summons, it can mark the start of a tedious journey for you. The embarrassment and burden that comes with a criminal charge cannot be overestimated. In fact, there are times when your case can cause you to be sentenced to jail. So, if you have been arrested, are currently being investigated by the authorities, or have been handed a summons by the authorities, then, you have good reason to immediately reach out to a defense lawyer in Baton Rouge. Determining whether the services of professional criminal defense attorneys in Louisiana are really needed is not all that simple. It is because criminal lawyers happen to provide a wide range of legal solutions. So, if you find yourself caught up in any of the following situations, then, you should take steps to immediately contact a lawyer in Baton Rouge to provide you with legal services –

  • If the authorities have placed you under arrest
  • If a summons has been handed to you by the authorities
  • If formal charges have been placed against you
  • If the authorities have placed you under arrest but have not given you any court date
  • if you get caught for driving while intoxicated and arrested. In this case, you basically have about 30 days to send a request for an administrative hearing
  • If you know anyone currently being investigated for state or federal offenses and needs professional legal help
  • If the authorities are currently asking you questions or the attorney of your firm is interrogating you based on the possibility of a fraud
  • If you have a feeling that you are currently being investigated

If you face any of the above-mentioned situations, then, you need to contact Mr. Barkemeyer immediately without wasting any time. This is because time has so much value in legal proceedings and your ability to immediately bring in an experienced lawyer in Baton Rouge to take up your case will give them enough time to come up with the best possible defense strategies that can be used to work their way in court or with the prosecution to get you a favorable result. Hesitation or even a slight delay can lead to significant damage, so, act swiftly. The effect of a criminal case on your life transcends just the basic levels. In fact, having a criminal record will affect your employment chances and will put your livelihood and that of your loved ones in jeopardy. Many criminal charge cases see the families of the client undergo some level of suffering too. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney will educate you on everything that you need to know regarding the operation of the justice system in Baton Rouge and ensure that you stay informed as your case continues to progress.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge

When it comes to the provision of legal representation which is laced with lots of experience, as well as, top-level aggression in the handling of the criminal defense law in favor of clients, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is unmatched in Baton Rouge. We have lawyers in Baton Rouge that have in-depth knowledge about everything that has to do with the federal laws, as well as, the state laws with respect to criminal offenses. Our experience at every level of criminal defense speaks for itself. We are knowledgeable in post-conviction relief, as well as, criminal appeals no matter what level it is. We are credible and our reputation speaks for itself, so, you have nothing to fear when you reach out to us to help you make the applications. Are you a resident of Baton Rouge or do you reside somewhere else in Louisiana? Simply contact Mr. Barkemeyer if you get involved with the authorities for any reason or if you are being questioned regarding crimes that have been committed.

We accept lots of criminal charge cases and you are sure that we will put in our very best no matter how complicated your situation is. Have you been slapped with gun charges, environmental crimes, drug cultivation, possession and distribution crimes, driving while intoxicated, fraud, kidnapping, theft, as well as, assault, battery, traffic in, gun possession, rape, homicides, etc.? There’s no reason to panic if you reach out to us immediately to step into your situation and do what we do best. We are very aggressive when it comes to litigation to ensure that our clients have a chance of coming out of the court proceedings with a victory or a favorable result that will not place too much burden on them.

We are highly respected in Baton Rouge and every other area in Louisiana and have lots of clients whom we have provided legal representation in numerous cases. Are you a first-time offender or a multiple time offender? You can count on us to take up your case with vigor. We will not judge you because we know that we all make mistakes at one time or the other unintentionally. we believe that no one intentionally breaks the law and this is the motivation that will help to ensure that our clients get injustice that they deserve by uploading their legal rights in the court of law. Whenever we go into a court case, we are only concerned about coming out with a favorable result and we will do everything possible to ensure that you get one. The key benefits that you get to enjoy by working with Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney include –

  • Experienced criminal defense lawyers

If you need a lawyer in Baton Rouge that is highly experienced and has lots of years under their sleeves in handling criminal cases, then, look no further than Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. Our history is proven and shows that we are result oriented. We are innovative and this stems from the valuable experience that we combine with forward-thinking strategies to ensure that court proceedings are tilted in our favor. If you reside in Baton Rouge or are just visiting for a vacation stint, you can get involved with the authorities at any point in time. If such a situation arises, do well to reach out to us and watch as we handle your case by providing you with a very solid defense.

  • Top-level litigation skills

The ability of a lawyer in Baton Rouge to adequately present your case in court will go a long way in determining the result of your court case. When it comes to litigation, the attorneys at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney and all match. We are very aggressive as we take up your case and ensure that your rights are not overlooked in court. We will stand up for you aggressively while using our experience and innovative strategies to work the court proceedings in your favor.

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