What Is the Blood Alcohol Level for DWI and DUI in Louisiana?


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In Louisiana, the United States of America, driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious offense, and your blood alcohol concentration level is mostly used to determine if you were driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. When you get arrested for reckless driving and a DWI related case, you will be required to undergo a blood Alcohol Level Test. If you fail the test, you will be asked to pay a very huge fine or risk being sent to jail for a very long period of time.


The Blood Alcohol Concentration Level Test

The Blood Alcohol Concentration Level Test is a test that shows the blood alcohol concentration level in the body. In Louisiana, you will be given a DWI when you are caught driving which a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% and above whether your vision and driving ability is impaired or not. There is a law which states that once you are in control of a vehicle, you are always requested to submit your chemical test in order to know the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. If the amount surpasses the limit, then you may be given a DWI or DUI, and your license may be confiscated.

Louisiana is a state that makes it compulsory for you to take the blood alcohol test, especially as a driver. That’s why most people go ahead to install breathalyzers in their vehicles. Failure or refusal to take the test is seen as a crime, and it could lead to serious punishment which could result in a lot of problems for you. Once you refuse to take the test, it could lead to 1-year suspension of your driver’s license. During this time, you may be eligible to obtain a hardship license. After this, when you are caught again, you stand the risk of spending 2 days in jail with substance abuse therapy.

Those drivers less than 21 years, the blood alcohol level is 0.02%. However, failure or refusal to also take these tests will also result in having the same punishment as those drivers who are above 21.


Importance of the Blood Alcohol Concentration Test

In a place like Louisiana, the importance of taking this test cannot be overemphasized. Here are 4 reasons why the Blood Alcohol Concentration Test is very important especially for drivers in Louisiana.

  • It prevents drunk driving.

Drinking before driving is very common especially among road users although, most drivers claim that alcohol and drugs do not impair their driving. This is very wrong. Drivers should know that before they get on the wheels, they should get rid of any form of alcohol and drug intake into their system. Thankfully, the blood alcohol concentration test helps to fish out these drivers that engage in acts like this and serves them several punishments according to the law of Louisiana. A lot of drivers have had their licenses revoked due to cases like this, and other drivers are beginning to learn from these experiences and act wisely.


  • It prevents recklessness.

This blood concentration test helps a lot of drivers to be careful especially while driving. They are very conscious that at any time they would need to be tested or they have to risk having their driver’s license seized. If there is a need for them to take alcohol, they ensure that they do not take above the specified blood alcohol concentration limit or else they would be taken to court. The state of Louisiana is really putting a lot of commendable effort in order to ensure that drivers above 21 do not exceed the specified limit of 0.08% and drivers below 21 do not exceed the specified limit of 0.02%.


  • It raises awareness about drug and alcohol abuse by drivers.

Due to the fact that the state of Louisiana strictly involves themselves in checking these drivers, a lot of drivers are now aware of the dangers of drinking and driving in Louisiana. They are aware that if they are caught, the DWI stays in their records for almost 10 years which could make them have difficulty in obtaining their license and in certain cases, have difficulty in getting jobs. The most considerate drivers often ensure that they are always clean internally, free from all forms of harmful substances and ready to take this blood alcohol concentration test at any point in time wherever they are in Louisiana.


  • It saves lives.

In Louisiana and other parts of the world, one of the major causes of accidents on the road is due to negligence and drunk driving. Millions of people have lost their lives either because they were under the influence of alcohol while driving or they were driven by someone under the influence of alcohol. However, due to this blood alcohol concentration tests, it is easier to monitor and take hold of drivers under the influence of alcohol when they are seen. Drunk driving is very wrong, and the state of Louisiana is making tremendous effort in ensuring that the culprits are caught and dealt with.


As a driver, this blood alcohol concentration test is very compulsory and trying to resist it may be a very serious crime. However, in a case where you are caught with a high blood alcohol concentration level or you refuse to go for the blood alcohol concentration test, and you are caught, there are always good lawyers to defend you at all time when it comes to these matters. These lawyers are called DWI Lawyer Baton Rouge, and a very good one is Carl Barkemeyer. He is well grounded in the job as a DWI Lawyer Baton Rouge.



So, there you have it. The Blood Alcohol, Concentration Level test, is one that is of paramount importance especially as a driver in Louisiana. Once you drive a vehicle, you will always be required to take the test at one point or the other. Always ensure that you are not found having more than the required level of 0.08% or you may risk having your license revoked.

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