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When you are facing a drug-related offense in Madison Parish, Louisiana, you need a drug charge attorney to help salvage the situation. No matter how trivial the case may be initially, know that without a smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer, it may worsen into a cesspool that you may be unable to get out of.


You Need A Smart Drug Charge Attorney That Will Provide You With A Reality Check

The truth remains that defense attorneys know what the intricacies of a drug-related case may be, and know how to maneuver them. If you have planned on representing yourself or using a crappy lawyer, drop it. The prosecution team in Madison Parish, Louisiana are out for blood and will do anything to have you sent behind bars for the crime because of their career ambitions. Carl Barkemeyer understands this. Hence, we have created a system to checkmate them.


Use the Right Drug Charge Attorney In Madison Parish, Louisiana

The right defense attorney already knows what is happening in the case, and can tell you what will occur in the future.

Since they understand what is ongoing, and can tell what will occur, they can easily create strategies that will help plead your case.

The smart drug charge attorney understands what it means to be totally objective. Hence, they can give you the right insights into what can be done to turn the proceedings to your advantage.

At that moment, they know if pursuing the case is the right thing to do with the evidence that they have at their grasp. They understand if it is right to negotiate with the prosecutor for a plea bargain or not. A smart drug charge attorney in Madison Parish, Louisiana knows when to accept a plea bargain or not.


We Use the Legal Rules to Our Advantage

With the numerous rules in the legal system, representing yourself should be frowned against.

We know what the regulations are, and use them to our advantage. A lot of these rules used in court proceedings are usually hidden in former court decisions and laws that a person without the needed experience won't know.

Let's use an example.

Let's say the police searched your apartment or you and found something implicating like a controlled substance. If they searched you or your home in an illegal manner that can ruin whatever evidence they think they may have.

If you represent yourself, you may not realize that the way that the police searched you was illegal. Since you don't know this, you may end up in jail for a crime that you should have been released from. This is why opting for a smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer is important to salvage your case.

If you don't understand those numerous nuances of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, how will you know your rights? It is simple. Carl Barkemeyer will tell you your rights and prevent you from being intimidated into a confession. Immediately you get arrested for a drug-related crime; we should be the first persons you call.


We Help You Navigate Through Louisiana Legal System

There may be a lot of written rules that guide drug charge offense proceedings, but there are a lot of unspoken rules that one has to abide within the Louisiana court system.

Every jurisdiction has its own. This means that a lawyer that has never worked a case in Louisiana may end up flopping a drug charge case, not because he is not smart. It may happen because he doesn't understand the intricacies that are unique solely to Louisiana. This means that the drug charge attorney that you opt for must have worked on a lot of drug-related cases in Louisiana for a long time.

Let's use an example.

A good drug charge attorney already knows when another option is needed like a plea bargain. He or she understands what weak points can be massaged to get one that benefits the client thoroughly. All we have to do is discuss with the right persons. The right persons are those we know and have worked with for long years, on numerous cases. Why shouldn't you use a team of attorneys that have a lot of experience?


We Find and Hire Expert Witnesses

The fact that we have worked with a lot of clients and have a great track record must tell you something. We know what we are doing.

Like earlier mentioned, there are a lot of options that can be explored to get you out of the mess that you may find yourself in.

One of them is using a great team of investigators. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, doesn’t believe what the authorities tell us, hence we conduct our investigations. We go through everything with a fine comb to see if there are any loopholes that can be found and used to our advantage.

Our team of investigators have access to the investigation of the authorities and look at it. We look at the evidence to see if there is anything that can fault it. They try to investigate the lives of the prosecutor's witnesses to see if their testimonies can be taken with a pinch of salt in the court of law.

While our team of investigators work on the case, we also get expert witnesses. These expert witnesses try to prove without a doubt why you should be acquitted. They help to look for evidence that rebuts whatever facts that the prosecution team claims to have.

Our drug defense experience can heighten your chance of coming out victorious.

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