Massage; Sexual Conduct Lawyer in Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge, Louisiana has strict laws against prostitution and sexual misconduct. If you are caught paying or receiving money for sexual services, you would be arrested for prostitution. In the same manner, if you as a masseur or masseuse, are caught touching, caressing, or stimulating another person’s sensual organs erotically in a massage parlor or enterprise, you would be arrested for Massage; Sexual conduct. 

If you are caught violating this law, you would be charged to court and you would have to defend yourself against the crime. This invariably means that you’ll need an experienced and aggressive lawyer in your corner during the court hearings. Louisiana is very strict when it comes to massage; sexual conduct offense. You may incur significant cash fines and be forced to serve a jail term for several months if you are convicted for the crime.

But then again, the consequences of Massage; sexual conduct convictions go beyond cash fines and prison sentences. A Massage; sexual conduct conviction will have a damaging effect on your record. It will make things difficult for you in your career pursuit, when requesting a loan for your house or car, and when applying for a job in a reputable firm. 

All things considered, there are no positive sides to a massage; sexual conduct conviction, only negatives. So you have to do everything in your power to defend your integrity in court. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer can help you with your defense in court, and help you secure the most favorable outcome during the trial. 


Massage; Sexual Conduct – Definition 

Louisiana statute 14:83.4 defines Massage; sexual conduct as the erotic stimulation of another person’s genital organ, pubic hairs, nipples (of the female breast), or the exposure of the aforementioned organs by a masseur or masseuse, in a massage parlor or enterprise. If you are caught violating this law, you’ll be arrested regardless of whether you receive a fee for the conduct or not. You would also be arraigned for massage; sexual conduct violation if you participate in sadomasochism abuse, flagellation, or torture for sexual pleasures in a massage parlor or enterprise. 


Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of experienced criminal defense attorneys are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When the need arises, we’ll be there to provide the necessary support for your court case. One call to us, and you can have the full weight of Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney behind you. Thus, increasing your chances of securing a favorable outcome during your court trial. 


Who to call for help when charged for Massage; sexual conduct in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Message; sexual conduct is a serious offense and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Instead, make effective and lawful strides towards clearing your good name from this damning charge. 

Being charged for the crime doesn’t mean you are automatically condemned for prison. Believe it or not, there is still a high likelihood of walking out of the courtroom; free and acquitted of the crime. But your chances of securing a favorable outcome in your court case will dwindle when you waste time deliberating instead of hiring a criminal defense lawyer to help you with your court case. Your constitutional right allows you to have an attorney with you when you are being questioned for any crime in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So if you or your loved ones get arrested on account of the massage; sexual conduct violation in Baton Rouge, your first call should be to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney. 


Potential penalties for Massage; sexual conduct convictions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Under Louisiana’s Statute, 14:83.4, masseurs and masseuses caught stimulating another person’s genital organs, pubic hair, or any other sensual organs erotically will face the consequences of the law. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you with your defense against massage; sexual conduct charge can help you reduce the potential punishments and possibly clear your name from the charges filed against you. 


In Baton Rouge, Louisiana verdicts are passed when the prosecute proves beyond possible doubts that the defendant is culpable for the said crime. That’s why it is important to have a legal advisor with you during your court hearings. You’ll never know what may be used against you in court, and everything you say while talking to the police can make or break your chances of securing a favorable outcome in your court case. Before you say anything else, that will compound your offense and make it all the more difficult for your attorney to defend you in court, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer. 

In Baton Rouge, persons Convicted for Massage; sexual conduct shall incur cash fines of not more than $500 or be imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or both. 

Baton Rouge and Louisiana laws also make provisions for children who were determined to be victims of child trafficking during the commission of the crime. If the defendant falls into this category, he/she will qualify for specialized services for sexually exploited children under Louisiana’s Revised Statute 14:46.3 (E). Also, if the defendant (an adult) at the time of the arrest is determined to be a victim of human trafficking under the Revised Statute 14:46.2 (F), he/she will qualify for specialized for sexually exploited persons. 


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney Baton Rouge Is Here To Help You 

You need not waste time when you or the person you love is arrested on account of Massage; sexual conduct in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has an office in Baton Rouge and he’s prepared to take on your case and help you secure the most favorable outcome during your trial.

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of experienced Massage; sexual conduct lawyers are only one call away! We know how important your time is to you, and we’ll waste no time in taking up your case. You can call us today, or visit us at our Baton Rouge, Louisiana office, to have a one-on-one conversation with Mr. Barkemeyer about your case. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer will leave no stone unturned when it comes to defending your freedom and integrity in court.

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