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Assault is an attempt to deface or cause physical injury to another person. Assault in Monroe and Ouachita Parish can be a crime of violence. Attempting to strike another person with an object or weapon will get you a criminal charge in Monroe. Assault has to be among the most common cases been charged to court daily. This crime has the potential to send the offender to up to 90 days in prison, so it's highly required that you get in touch with an Assault lawyer in Monroe if you are dealing with such a case.

An assault isn't restricted to action, the intent is also punished, if potentials are found in your threat, you have committed an assault. For example, if you threaten to strike or attack another person, making them believe you intend to strike or injure them, seeing that you have the ability to carry out the threat, you may be charged for an assault.

Striking, injuring, defacing, or attacking another person using a weapon to make an assault crime is a more serious case. An assault crime involving the use of weapons attracts harsher penalties. The class of severity of an assault crime depends on factors and circumstances. These circumstances contribute to how severely an offender is punished. Meanwhile, at every level of assault that you may get into, you should get yourself an aggressive and competent criminal defense lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer.

Criminal issues like assault, domestic violence, battery, etc are matters that are taken to the municipal court in Monroe daily. You can only get the best possible outcome on your case if you have an assault lawyer in Monroe to preside over your case at the Monroe municipal court.


Types of Assault

Assault is grouped into 2 types based on the severity of the case. The severity of each case determines how the offender is punished.

·       Simple Assault

Simple assault is a crime of violence without a firearm or any sort of dangerous weapon. Threatening someone without using a gun, knife or any other dangerous weapon is classifies as simple assault.

·       Battery

Slightly different from assault in that it involves contact between the parties. It is the intentional use of force on another person. It could be forcefully touching someone in a certain way.

·       Aggravated Assault

Unlike simple assault, aggravated assault involves the intentional use of a firearm or weapon on another person. It is considered a criminal act to intentionally attack another person with a weapon. Also, an aggravating assault could be a case of intentionally subjecting another person under the effect of a substance (e.g. drugs) without the person's consent.


Aggravating Factors

Several other factors known as aggravating factors can add to the severity of assault crime. These factors include;

·       The status of the victim: if you assault a peace officer in the line of duty, you are in for some serious case, you need to prepare for a good defense. Assaulting a school employee on school premises can compound your case and make your penalties harsher.

·       The extent of injury caused: the extent to which the victim is injured is another major aggravating factor of assault crime. The offender may have to pay for the victim's medical bills as well.

·       Vehicular assault: this involves driving reckless to threaten the lives of others.

·       Domestic assault: it can also be called domestic violence. This is household violence that could involve anyone. It involves intentionally attacking or striking a family member.

·       If the assault happened in the home of the victim

·       Subjecting a person under the influence of drugs without their consent.


Penalties for Assault

Assault can be punished as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the crime, the circumstance, and the people involved.


Misdemeanor Assault

For misdemeanor assault (usually simple assaults), the penalties include a jail sentence of up to 90 days or a payable fine of up to $200, or the offender may serve both. The offender is also placed on probation for up to 2 years. Also, they are made to undergo restitution.

An offender may have to serve the minimum jail term for a misdemeanor if certain people are victimized. The Misdemeanor penalty is harsher if the assault crime is perpetrated against certain victims, including disabled, elderly, school employees, correctional officers, contest officials, emergency room officials, welfare protective services (for both adults and children), law enforcement officers, and healthcare professionals. The Monroe municipal court imposes minimum jail time for offenders who have assaulted the special victims mentioned above.


Alternative Sentencing for Misdemeanor Assault

There are other ways the court may punish an offender. These options are different from imposing imprisonment on the offender. A misdemeanor assault can get you subjected to any of the following sentences;

·       Probation: the offender is placed on a supervised or unsupervised sentence while ensuring to meet up and fulfil probation conditions, such as meeting up with the probation officer regularly and fulfilling the probation conditions under the law. These conditions are community service, attending counselling, and staying out of other convictions.

·       Restitution: this involves making compensation to the victim for harm and inconveniences caused. The offender is made to pay the treatment fee and for damaged items.

·       The offender is expected to regularly attend programs like anger management classes


Felony Assault

Felony assault or aggravated assaults are much harsher as they involve the use of firearms. For a felony assault, the offender may be imprisoned for you to 10 years or made to pay a fine of you to $5,000. The severity of the felony penalty depends on the aggravating factors mentioned. Offenders are made to serve jail time with or without hard labor.


Have you been charged with Assault?

If you or anyone around you is charged, investigated or prosecuted for assault in Monroe and Ouachita Parish, you need to get in touch with Carl Barkemeyer as soon as possible. He is competent and aggressive with criminal law and is always ready to offer immediate help to offenders of the law. Contact Carl Barkemeyer to discuss your case.


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