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Bank fraud is a criminal act of attempting to or illegally receiving money from a bank. While the bank is holding on to their responsibility of protecting and giving a level of financial security to the money kept with them, there are people planning and scheming on how to obtain money illegally from the bank.

Prosecutors believe bank fraud is an unethical way to possess money from a bank by an individual or organization or deliberately engaging in deception to execute a plan to obtain money or property owned by other people. Whoever is involved in bank fraud would have to face grave consequences under the law.

This criminal act involves defrauding a financial institution to obtain money, fund, securities, credit or assess controlled by financial institutions by fraudulent practices. Bank fraud is a white-collar crime categorized as External or Internal bank fraud

External: an external bank fraud is that which the fraud has no connection with the bank, I.e. the perpetrator doesn't have a connection with the bank. It is usually a well-planned activity with no connection to the financial institution in question. Common examples of external fraud include unauthorized use of credit or debit cards, impersonation, counterfeit checks, and stolen checks.

Internal: internal bank fraud has a connection linking to the bank employees.  This involves a bank employee defrauding the bank using their banking system and access code.


Examples of Bank Fraud


·       Check Fraud

Check fraud involves an illegal or unethical act of using a check for fraud. In this case, checks are tweaked for financial gains. Banks allow people to cash checks from the account owner to the bank to receive money. The bank would normally give out money from what they have at hand (float). Some people take advantage of this to write a check fully knowing the account doesn't have sufficient balance to pay the amount filled in the check- this is known as check listing. Check frauds can also occur as;

·       Tweaking or altering a piece of bank information, e.g. account number

·       Altering the payment filled in a check.

·       Making false invoices with checks

·       Shunning proper authorization before depositing a check.

·       Also, some check frauds target depositors. This type of fraud involves stealing checks from mailboxes, post offices, or mailrooms. Fraudsters may use the check information to commit impersonation or identity theft.

·        Electronic Fraud

Electronic fraud is done through the internet. The rise of the internet has made way for bank fraud through electronic means. Email scam is a major example of electronic fraud. Perpetrators may send emails to people asking for their personal and financial information in order to assess a loan. Such emails are far from genuine as they only seek to illegally collect personal and financial information for personal gain.

Another tactic of electronic fraud is fake websites. Perpetrators build fake websites to look real and unsuspecting. They get individuals to fill in their personal and financial information while making a purchase. Once they lay hands on this information, they use it for their financial gain without authorization.

·       Identity Theft

Identity theft is the most dangerous type of bank fraud. When fraudsters get their hands on your personal information, including date of birth and social security number. If this ever happens, the fraudster has access to steal another person's confidential personal and financial information. Common places where criminals must steal your information from are trash cans, mailboxes, internet, and telephones. Be careful how you dispose of important information that can make you a victim of fraud.

·       Forgery

Forgery involves altering a check by changing the name or other information on it. Altering the amount written on the check, e.g. adding more zeros (adding a zero to $40 to collect $400 from the bank) for self-gain. It also involves signature fraud to cash from a depositor's account.

·       Fraudulent loans

This involves using a fake identity to get a loan approval or forging details for loan application. A fraudulent loan is quite common. A lot of criminals are illegally obtaining a loan using other people's details. You need an aggressive defense attorney when caught in such an act.


Bank Fraud Penalties

Bank fraud is a federal crime and it attracts serious penalties. The severity of the penalty depends on the monetary value of the fraud. The FDIC, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protecting consumers and banks has a standard regulatory punishment for offenders of the law.

The offender may serve prison time of up to 30 years or pay a fine of up to one million dollars. Some lesser charges may attract lesser punishments of about 5 to 10 years in prison, as well as probation, fines, and restitution. Bank fraud punishment are usually in more than one form


Can A Bank Case Be Defended?

You can always be defended no matter how severe your criminal case is. For a bank fraud, a skilled and competent lawyer can always find a defense strategy for your case. Every case is unique to every individual, so an experienced and competent criminal defense lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer knows how to handle his client's cases uniquely.

A person who submitted a check with forged details or false representation without the knowledge that the information was incorrect can be defended for not intentionally doing so.

For this to be accepted, your bank fraud lawyer in Monroe must be able to prove that the defendant did not intentionally commit the misrepresentation.


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Bank fraud is usually a big case and it is necessary that you contact a skilled and competent lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer. Carl Barkemeyer always brings his experience and competency into every case he handles. He can represent you at the federal level to keep you on your best foot. Carl Barkemeyer is readily available to defend you aggressively.


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