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Possession of a firearm with drugs becomes a crime in Monroe when the individual in possession of it is not licensed to do so. Getting a license to possess these is not an easy task. It requires going through lots of laid down procedures and meeting the legal requirements which have been laid down by the law in Monroe. While the laid down procedures for getting a license might be exhausting as a result of the processes involved in it, the advantages that come with it are numerous.

Regardless of the numerous advantages, some persons still possess firearms without licenses. Some possess drugs, while others possess both without any form of permission from the government. This is a crime in Monroe. Over the years, many persons have been caught in possession of firearm and drugs by the authority and these have landed some in jail for a short time and others for a long time. Sometimes, persons with very similar circumstances surrounding their offense get different gravity of punishment. Some have wondered, why?


Why do persons with similar facts or scenarios surrounding their case receive different gravity of punishment?

This question has bothered many persons and, likely, you have also thought about what the answer to this question might be. In as much as there might be other determining factors that may lead to different gravity of punishment, there Is one major determining factor. Majorly, It is the kind of lawyer that handles the case. The value of a good lawyer cannot be underestimated. A good lawyer can not only mitigate the harshness of one's punishment, but he can ensure that no punishment is given to the culprit. In all cases, especially in criminal cases, an offender must employ the services of a good and smart lawyer. This is because when found guilty of a crime, the defendant does not only serve whatever punishment he is given, the conviction is also added to his record thereby giving him a criminal record. Having a criminal record should not be taken lightly because of the numerous limitations that are associated with it.


Is the punishment for possession of a firearm with drugs in Monroe a mild one?

No, it is not. Possession of firearms with drugs is a criminal act in Monroe. When a person is found in possession of these without any permit issued by the government, the person would be arrested by the authorities. After which a legal case would be opened depending on the circumstances surrounding it. When this case has been opened, the culprit is expected to appear before the court. And depending on the outcome of the case, the culprit could be sent to jail. The jail term also varies. Where a jail term is inevitable, a good lawyer can with his skill, experience and expertise work to reduce the years of jail term to be served by his client.

So, while the punishment for possession of a firearm with drugs in Monroe is not a mild one, a good lawyer can help to mitigate the punishment to be given to his client.


Where can I find a great criminal lawyer in Monroe Ouachita Parish?

Ever heard of Carl Barkemeyer? If yes, then reach out to them. At Carl Barkemeyer, there are very skillful and well experienced criminal lawyers. They put in their best in every case. Earnest effort is put in by the lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer to ensure that their clients get the best defense for their cases. These lawyers are well aware that every case is different and would need proper research and indebt study in other to make the best out of it. Though there might be a few similarities between the cases, the lawyers do not assume the outcome. They put in their best. All you have to do is reach out to them on time about your predicament. Ensure you tell them all about your case as this would help them prepare well for your case and there would be no cause for negative surprises which might put your case at risk.


What if I don't know what to say when I get to court?

With Carl Barkemeyer, it is impossible that you would not know what to say when you get to court. This is because the lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer take time to prepare their clients for court. They carry out a sort of rehearsal with their clients before the court sessions. This rehearsal is to give the client an idea of what to expect when he or she gets to court. A form of Examinations and cross-examinations would also be carried out by the lawyers to ensure that their clients get a proper idea of what to expect when he or she gets to the courtroom. The lawyers also educate their clients on how best to answer questions that would be posed at them in court in other that their clients do not endanger themselves when they get to court. Sometimes, when the need arises, the clients would be told what to say in court, at what time to say it, how to say it and what not to say in court. The lawyers are very patient with their clients as well. This is because they understand that not everyone has the same capability and ability to comprehend at the same level. They are well aware that some clients would require more patience than others in other to fully comprehend all that lies ahead of them. As a result, they take out time as much time as necessary to ensure that their clients attain accurate knowledge.


What to expect?

Expect their best! The lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer render only their best to their clients. So, you can expect that they would do the same for you too. They would ensure that your punishment is mitigated where it cannot be eliminated. So, feel free to contact Carl Barkemeyer and his hardworking lawyers.


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