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The state of Louisiana considers the criminal charges of flight from an officer illegal. It could be a charge of aggravated flight from an officer as this occurs when a life stands the chance of being gone in the course of a driver refusing to stop or over after they have been notified by the police through different methods such as lights, sirens, etc after the officer has been sure that the driver has committed some traffic violation as well the other crimes.


Endangerment Of Human Life


This is considered to happen when some incidents occur and some of these incidents include;


·       Colliding with another vehicle.

·       Exceeding the posted speed limit and by doing so at 25 miles per hour at least.

·       Fails to obey a tragic control signal device

·       Leaves the roadway

·       Forces another vehicle to leave the roadway

·       Travels against the glow of traffic.




 It is considered a serious flight from an officer in the state of Louisiana a felony and prosecutors take this charge extremely seriously due to the danger and destruction which is usually involved. There are also witnesses who in most cases are police officers who can stop and chase an offender as they want for violating a crime. This means that the police officer would have quite a lot to say when they are called open in the law court to testify against you.




The sentencing of a crime like this usually leads to a 5-year period in jail or a fine of nothing more than 2000 dollars. In a situation where there is a serious bodily injury, it could result in harsher penalties such as 10 years in prison and also pay for all the damage that had occurred during the fleeing.



What is aggravated flight from an officer?


It is extremely important to know that this is considered a crime in the law court and even a simple flight from an officer is punishable by law especially if he was trying to pull you over due to a violation you might have committed or not. Some of the definitions go as follows;


When a driver intentionally refuses to pull over even after they have been notified by a police officer to stop through means such as lights, sirens, etc.


The charge can quickly aggravate from this to even more serious issues such as human life endangerment and so on.


It could result from;


·       Disobeying various traffic law, and harming people.

·       Ignore obvious signs were put as a warning.

·       Failing to follow the sign

·       Ignoring traffic control signs


Due to these actions, you could risk the inclusion of being in harm's way and thus become even worse. It could end up causing more casualties and penalties.


What Are Punishments Involved?


Punishments that are given to offenders of this crime are harsh for so many reasons. For one, it is aggravated which is considered to be the very serious charge that is putting lives in danger and this, in turn, increases the penalties and also makes them a lot simpler than just flight of an officer.


Another important reason why penalties could be harsher is due to disobedience and disrespect to the law as well as the officers’ orders. The flight from an officer is a serious crime and even more so when it is aggravated and comes with a lot of penalties such as fines and jail terms. Some of the punishment you are most likely to face according to the Louisiana state law includes the following;


·       Prison sentence for up to 5 years or a fine of 2000 dollars in a case of no bodily injury. In a situation where the bodily injury occurs when a person could face up to 10 years in prison and in a case of damage, the defendant would be required to pay for all that occurred in their attempt to flee.

·       There could be up to 10 years prison time and this is a very long time to spend in jail but it is a huge possibility in a situation where someone dies or someone sustains a serious bodily injury which leads to permanent damage of an organ or could lead to the eventual death of a person. Not only will these penalties affect your future in a very negative way, but they can also limit a lot of your opportunities in getting into school or in getting a job as they can be added to your permanent criminal record.


Criminal Defense Attorney in Monroe, Louisiana


A flight from an officer or an aggravated flight is considered a very serious criminal offense and should not be taken as lightly as it seems. Not only do they carry heavy fines but also longer jail times which could affect a person’s future as well as that of their loved ones. So, if you have been charged recently with flight of an officer in the city of Monroe, Louisiana, we ask you to get in touch with legal representation as soon as possible as time is crucial in situations like this.


Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, is one who is very experienced in this field and can help you in court. We offer you top service and work relentlessly till we can get the best out of the situation as much as humanly possible. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that they know just what is going on and can be free to open up to us. Getting such a criminal charge on your record can be terrible and we can also help apply for an expungement. So, if you or any of your loved one is being charged to for this, contact us.


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