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People who are arrested for gun charges are people who in one way or the other relate themselves to anything that has to do with a gun or weapon. It could be that they were found in possession of a gun or that they were carrying a firearm with a scheduled substance and so on. Whichever one it is, gun charges are very serious cases that the law does not handle lightly.


Different Gun Charges

There are so many offenses that could be classified under gun charges. Here they are:

1. Unlawful or illegal possession of a gun or any firearm:

As aforementioned, it is only lawful for you to possess a gun or any other form of firearm if you've formally applied for it and gotten permission too. If there's no permit and you are found with a gun, you will be arrested and charged for unlawful possession of a firearm. Now, note that the gun does not have to be directly with you or near you. It could be that you have some sort of access or control over it. Some people keep guns in their houses or cars. As long as you're caught without a permit, you'll face a gun charge.

In this case, you could be convicted with a felony of high degree which comes with serious consequences. It could be to pay a fine of up to 15,000 dollars and to serve a jail term of up to seven years.

2. Transportation of firearms:

This is another offense under gun charges. Even if you have a permit to have a firearm or gun in tour home, it is unlawful to carry to from place to place. It is only if you have a license to do so that you can be allowed. Other than that, if you are found in possession of a gun in your car or anywhere else apart from where you were permitted to use it, you'd be convicted.

3. Using a gun while committing another crime:

This is also an offense under gun charges. There are so many incidences or situations where a person can be carrying out a crime with a gun in the scene. This may result to double charges. One for the offense being committed and the second as a gun charge. For instance, gun charges could go with or accompany other charges such as robbery, attempted murder, aggravated assault and so on.


Gun Charges In Louisiana

In Louisiana, you are only allowed to possess or carry a gun or firearms if you applied for it and you're permitted. Anything other than that is a crime with penalties. It could result in paying a heavy fine or spending a long time in jail. This is very bad for someone's reputation as it could affect you negatively even when you're out of jail.


Penalties For A Gun Charge

Penalties for a gun charge is nothing short of serving a jail term and paying a huge fine unless it involves the endangerment of human life. For gun charges, you can spend a long time in jail. Well, it depends on the severity of your crime and the circumstances involved in it.


Before Someone Is Convicted Of A Gun Charge

Before a person can be found guilty of a gun charge, some things need to be proven. It has to be proven that the individual is actually in possession of or has control over a gun. Also, if it comes to a situation where a person was arrested days, weeks or even months after committing a crime, the court only needs concrete evidence to prove that the person had a firearm. This evidence may include people who were present as witnesses during the crime, video, audio and any other evidence.


Arrested In Monroe And Given A Gun Charge?

If you've been arrested in Monroe and you're facing a gun charge, you need to take action as soon as possible. You may be wondering how an arrested person can take action? Well, it's very easy. You only need to request to see a gun charge criminal defense attorney in Monroe. You must get in touch with a professional gun charge lawyer in Munroe for so many reasons. First, a professional lawyer will know your state laws regarding gun charges and will know exactly how to follow up on your case. Secondly, a professional lawyer will know possible defenses to use for your case. Also, this lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that you get reduced charges. If it gets to a point where a conviction is inevitable, then the lawyer will try as much as possible to get you the lowest sentence possible. This is why you need to know a very good lawyer as you don't know what will happen next.


How Does Our Monroe Gun Charge Lawyer Help You?

In the light of getting a good criminal defense attorney, if you need help concerning your gun charge, you could easily contact Carl Barkemeyer. We have all it takes to help your case, give you legal advice and also represent you in court.

You should know that gun charges are very serious in Munroe. Therefore, don't think of facing it alone as you need a good lawyer to assist you. Just in case you don't want a lawyer to represent you in court, you could get our services to render legal advice. We would tell you the severity of your crime and also let you know what to expect. In all, we would fight tirelessly to get you reduced charges if not get the court to rule it out completely.

We acknowledge the fact that gun charges are very serious in Monroe and Louisiana as a whole. This is why we don't withhold anything back when fighting for your case. Therefore, if you or your loved one has been arrested and given a gun charge, reach out to us today!


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