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It is only legal to carry a weapon or a concealed handgun in Monroe, Louisiana if you have a permit. Anything asides that is illegal. Illegal carrying of weapons is often regarded as a misdemeanor when it is a first-time conviction. If it goes on to a second or third, it becomes a felony.


The Louisiana State Laws On Illegal Carrying Of Weapons

According to the Louisiana State laws, illegal carrying of weapons entails:

·      Intentionally concealing any firearm or weapon

·      Possessing or owning any firearm or weapon

·      Keeping in your custody any dangerous weapons or explosives used by robbers to commit a crime.

According to the law, you have to be permitted to own weapons. Therefore, this law does not apply or refer to peace officers carrying out their official duties, school officials carrying out their duties or anyone who has a permit.


Before One Can Be Convicted For Illegal Carrying Of Weapons

A weapon has to be concealed before one can be said to be guilty of the crime. If it is not concealed, then it is not classified as Illegal carrying of weapons.


Penalties For Illegal Carrying Of Weapons In Monroe, Louisiana

As aforementioned, illegal carrying of weapons could be a misdemeanor or a felony. If it is a felony, the penalty for the crime could be for the person to serve a jail term of up to six months and to pay a fine of up to 500 dollars. It could be to pay the fine or to go to jail or even both. Well, this all depends on the judge handling the case and how well your criminal defense lawyer stands in for you.

If the convicted person has been convicted before for illegal carrying of weapons, then it would be regarded as a felony. He or she could spend up to five years in jail. If it moves further to a third conviction, then the person will be required to serve a jail term of not more than ten years with or without hard labor. In this particular case, you will not need given a benefit of probation, parole or even suspension of sentence.

Also, if the illegal weapons were used to commit a crime of violence, the convicted person will pay a fine of not more than $2000 or be imprisoned for not more than two years and not less than one yesterday with or without hard labor. It could be both, depending on the judge.


Is Legal Assistance Necessary?

Like all other crimes, a criminal defense attorney is needed for illegal carrying of weapons. Some people tend to underestimate the effect legal help has on their case and this is very bad. A professional lawyer can help to reduce your charges by a long shot. This is why you need a well-experienced lawyer. Here's how a professional lawyer can help your illegal carrying of weapons case:

·      Give you the best defense mechanism: Defenses are usually helpful if you are looking to reduce your charges or rule them out completely. A professional criminal defense attorney will come in with the best defense which you will use in court to defend yourself.

·      Represent you in court: A professional lawyer has everything it takes to represent you in court. This includes having the right skills such as plea for bargain and negotiation skills. Not every lawyer has this.

·      Let you know what to expect: A well-trained lawyer will explain the severity of your crime to you and let you know what to expect. This is because he or she knows the law on the crime and knows how things work. In this way, you'll get yourself ready for anything that may happen.

Louisiana has very strict laws concerning the illegal carrying of weapons. As such, no case is treated lightly. The penalties come with long sentences and repercussions which will affect your life in the long run. Therefore, if you are facing criminal charges as a result of illegal carrying of weapons, then you need to speak to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Delay is very dangerous in cases like this which is why you need to act fast.


Have You Been Arrested And Charged For Illegal Carrying Of Weapons In Monroe?

Offenses that involve weapons could be very critical. More so, its severity depends on the circumstances surrounding it.

If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with illegal carrying of weapons in Monroe, then you should contact Carl Barkemeyer. Carl Barkemeyer has been helping residents as well as visitors in Monroe tackle and handles their cases. Illegal carrying of weapons charge is not a new thing as people face it all the time. Carl Barkemeyer is a seasoned and well-trained criminal defense attorney who knows the Louisiana laws on the illegal carrying of weapons very well. He is a compassionate lawyer who tries and does everything within his means to help his clients win their case.

Don't think you can handle your case yourself without any legal help. We acknowledge the fact that illegal carrying of weapons is a serious offense and this is why our team does not hold anything back when handling your case.


Monroe Criminal Lawyer Can Help

We would like you to tell us everything that happened so we would know how best to help you. It is also necessary so that we won't be taken by surprise in court. Be rest assured that everything you tell us won't get to a third party without your permission. In this way, your secret is safe with us.

We aim to get you reduced charges by offering the best defense mechanism for your crime. If in the end a conviction is inevitable, then we would try as much as possible and use our negotiation skills to get you the lowest sentence possible. If there's a need for parole or probation, we will get around it too.


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