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It is one thing to possess weapons and it is another thing to use them. They are different crimes and they each have their respective penalties. Illegal use of weapons is a very serious offense and it has higher penalties than simple possession of a weapon. Louisiana has very strict laws on the kind of weapons people should and should not possess.

Usually, you are not supposed to possess a weapon without a permit. Therefore, possessing a weapon and using it without any form of permit is an aggravated offense.


Louisiana State Laws On Illegal Use Of Weapons

 According to the Louisiana State law, a person will be charged to court for illegal use of weapons if he or she intentionally commits the following:

·      Discharges or places any firearm in a place that may result in bodily harm of humans

·      Places any liquid or substance negligently in a place that may be harmful to people

·      Uses or displays a weapon in a way that is threatening to people

·      Discharges a weapon along a public highway

·      Discharging a firearm or weapon from a motor vehicle

·      Firing a gun recklessly and carelessly 1000 feet away from a permitted public gathering

There may be some exemptions to this law such as law officers who are carrying out their duty. For this lot, it is legal as they are officers of the law.


Penalties For The Illegal Use Of Weapons In Monroe

Gun charges are serious ones. This is because it may include carrying them in a way that they will be harmful to others. Anyone who is convicted for illegal use of weapons in Monroe is required to pay a fine of not more than $1000 or serve a jail term of not more than two years with or without hard labor. A lawyer can make a huge difference in your case as regards the length of time you will spend in jail or the fine you will pay.

If the person goes on to have a second or subsequent conviction, the penalty is to serve a jail term of not less than five years and not more than seven years. In this case, there would be no probation, parole or suspension of sentence. Note, however, that if the period between the first time and the second time of conviction is five years, it would count as the first time.


What To Do If You Are Arrested For Illegal Use Of Weapons

If you are arrested and charged for illegal use of weapons, you need to keep you cool and be calculated. The first step to take is to get legal help. Never underestimate the power and effect of a lawyer in your case as a lawyer can make all the difference. Well, this can only be possible if you get a professional lawyer. You need to know that illegal use of weapons come with serious repercussions such a paying a huge fine and spending a long time in jail.

As soon as you're arrested, request to see a criminal defense attorney who will help you in all your judicial proceedings. He or she should be able to let you know the severity of your crime and also come up with possible defenses that will help you if there is any that relates to your case. The lawyer should also know how the state law works and be able to relate it to your case.

Laws concerning illegal use of weapons may differ from state to state. Therefore, you need to know the laws of your state of residence concerning illegal use of weapons. You should, however, note that the decisions of the court may stand to alter some laws depending on the circumstances involved. This is why you need to get a good lawyer to help defend you in court.


Arrested In Monroe For Illegal Use Of Weapons?

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Monroe for illegal use of weapons, you should contact an illegal use of weapons lawyer in Monroe. This is the right step to take. Of course, there are so many lawyers out there and you have to take your time to get a good one. This is why you need to have a lawyers contact beforehand or that of his law firm. It will make the situation a whole lot easier. Remember that delay is dangerous, so the earlier you talk to a criminal defense attorney, the better your case becomes.

Facing an illegal use of weapons charge in a court at the Ouachita parish could be quite a difficult one as Louisiana has very strict concerning the crime.  This is exactly why you need a good lawyer. Looking for one? Reach out to Carl Barkemeyer.


How Carl Barkemeyer May Help Your Illegal Use Of Weapons Case

Carl Barkemeyer is a well-experienced criminal defense attorney in Louisiana. He has helped a lot of residents and visitors in their illegal use of weapons case. He will come up with the right defense to help your case while also using negotiation and plea bargain.

First, you have to tell us everything that happened so we will know how to help you. You shouldn't withhold any information from us as we don't want to be taken unawares in court. Every information you relate to us, no matter how irrelevant you think it is might be will be very helpful. Also, we will not disclose any such information to anyone else without your permission.

As a way to help you, we will let you know what to expect in court and also tell you the severity of your offense. We will give you legal advice on other steps to take. In all, we aim to get you reduced charges if we don't succeed to get it acquitted.

Therefore, reach out to Carl Barkemeyer today and let us handle all your criminal defense proceedings.


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