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What is possession with the intent to distribute?

Possession in this context means having drugs in custody. With the intent to distribute means having an intention to sell to others or give out to others. So, possession with the intent to distribute means having drugs in one's custody to give out or distribute or sell them to other persons whether by sale or any other means whatsoever. Possession with the intent to distribute is a very serious crime in Monroe. it attracts very severe punishments as well. A person who is caught and arrested by the authorities for owning drugs whilst having the intent to distribute must run to a very good lawyer for help. This is because if such a case is not handled properly, the defendant would be sent to jail for a very long time. You might wonder, how long? Many years. Yes! Many years. The disadvantages of being in jail for many years cannot be underestimated. Lots of losses would be made while the convict is in jail and on getting out, he comes out with a criminal record which not only hinders one from lots of privileges but also hinders a person from living a greater part of his or her dream where having a criminal record limits such dream.

Many who have been caught in possession of drugs with the intent to distribute it have expressed their deepest regrets because they did not turn to skillful, and well-experienced persons for help. You can learn from the experience of these by getting yourself experienced helpers.


Who can I turn to for help?

 If you are apprehended by the authorities for having drugs with the intent to distribute it, do not keep it to yourself. Speak up and reach out to lawyers who are well experienced in criminal cases involving possession with intent to distribute. The fact that if found guilty, a greater part of your life can be spent in jail is more reason to contact only skillful lawyers. Lawyers with good judgment are very important as well. Do not compromise the standard and quality of the lawyer you seek because your life depends on it.


What should I look for in a lawyer?

1. Good judgment and discernment

 The importance of good judgment and discernment cannot be undermined or overemphasized. This is because good judgment determines what the next line of action would be for a lawyer. It gives the lawyer foresight of what he is to do to attain favorable judgment. A lawyer who lacks good judgment makes mistakes borne out of his negligence, mistakes that would be detrimental to his client's case. And mistakes such as these would be too expensive especially in criminal cases since the life of the defendant is at stake.

2. Patience

A patient lawyer is very priceless. Every client differs from the other. No two client is the same. There is always a Differentiating factor. A patient lawyer takes into consideration the ability of the client to comprehend all that is to be said. He understands that while some clients can immediately comprehend a particular detail, some might need a more detailed explanation while others would need a repetition of the well-detailed explanation. The best drug defense lawyer goes through the stress of repetitive explanations without grumbling or flaring up.

3. Skill

This is one of the most important factors which one must look out for when searching for a lawyer to defend him or her. Having the required skill separates a good lawyer from a bad one. A skillful lawyer stands a better chance of winning his cases than a lawyer who lacks such dexterity. A skillful lawyer knows when to be persuasive, mild, and when the need arises, aggressive. A lawyer who is not skillful might not know when to alternate between these. The ability to discern when to apply any of these would give birth to a good case and in the end, favorable judgment for the defendant and the inability to discern when to apply any of these has a high tendency to Mar the case of the defendant. So, it is of utmost importance to get a skillful lawyer when arrested for possession with the intent to distribute.


Where can one find a skillful, patient, well experienced and reliable lawyer in Monroe?



You can get these drug defense lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. Our lawyers possess these qualities and more they look out for the interest of their clients. They are not selfish with their time and energy. They are skillful and their skill separates them from other lawyers. Their skill has been accumulated through years of both personal and collective experience. Our drug defense attorneys have in times past worked with legal luminaries who are known for their skillful handling of criminal cases involving drugs. We have been trained on how best to handle criminal cases in order that in the end, their clients would have every cause to be glad. They do their best to ensure that where punishment is impossible to eliminate, a mitigated punishment would be achieved.  

While trying to get a lawyer, remember that criminal cases are very delicate. And must be handled properly because if a criminal case is not handled properly, the defendant would be put in jail and this would put the life of the defendant on hold depending on how long the court judgment is while the lawyer would go on with his personal life and businesses. So, ensure that you do yourself the good of getting yourself a good lawyer who has your best interest at heart and not just some selfish interest. If you do not do so, you would have no other choice than to face the numerous disadvantages that are associated with being a convict in Monroe.

To get lawyers who are skillful, smart brilliant and very speculative, reach out to our drug possession defense lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer and save yourself the today.


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