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Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.  Download your free copy to learn more about the criminal process and drug defenses in Louisiana.


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Do you know that getting caught with controlled substances like LSD, crack, cocaine, MDMA, amphetamines, testosterone, steroids, GHB, ecstasy, heroin and so on can put a lot of nails in your coffin? Do you know that if the authorities catch you with Codeine, Vicodin, Xanax, Soma, Hydrocodone, Morphine, and other prescription drugs without a prescription, it could end in a taint in your records and some years behind bars?

What of if it has happened, what should you do? Should you throw yourself on the ground and scream to the heavens? Or should you look for a smart drug charge attorney in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana to take care of the case? The latter option should be opted for, and this is what Carl Barkemeyer and his team of smart lawyers offer residents of Louisiana.


Being Convicted for A Drug Crime Can Ruin You

One thing that you should know is that a drug charge case can make or mar you. What does this mean? Have you ever seen a drug offender easily scaling through an interview and clinching a job? What of college applications? It will leave a lot of stains on whatever career you decide to carry out in the future. This is why it is important that a drug charge attorney that knows his onion is used to fiercely represent you and explore every legal option at his grasp to represent you.

Do you want to live the rest of your life normally, or do you want to have a tag over you that stops or prevents you from achieving what you have planned out? Using a crappy lawyer or representing yourself can earn you that.


Have Experience at Your Beck and Call

Since drug-related crime is not child's play, it is of the importance that only the best in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana stands for you in court. With more than a decade under our belts, Carl Barkemeyer and his team of astute attorneys will do everything in their power to ensure that your rights are upheld. We will go ahead to ensure that you have a fighting chance to either get you acquitted or reduce your sentence drastically.

A lot of drug-related crime cases tend to get thrown out of court for one technicality or the other. What of if we told you that we are the masters of fishing out technicalities? We look at everything that was done by the authorities and the prosecutor's team with a fine-tooth comb. We try to see if they were done with the law in mind, or if a minute rule was flouted. In most cases, the authorities tend to flout a rule to hasten arrests, and when we find them, we use them to our advantage.


We Opt for Better Options

When we can't get an acquittal because a lot of unwavering evidence have been piled up against you, we still have another trick in our books. Instead of you having to get involved in the criminal justice system or stay a long time behind bars, we try to persuade the judge to send you to a drug treatment center for a few months. This may prevent you from staying in jail for years or tainting your records.

This rarely happens because we have our investigators go through every evidence gathered by the prosecutor's team, as well as their witnesses, and try to fault them. When it comes to criminal defense, we, at Carl Barkemeyer, have a lot of options we can explore.


We Want to Know Whether the Search and Seizure Were Lawful

Do you know that not every search and seizure are lawful? If you didn't, now you know. Instead of blabbing out more incriminating things to the authorities, immediately you are arrested, you should contact an astute Criminal Attorney, Carl Barkemeyer to represent you. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of professional drug charge attorneys always advise their clients never to talk to the police without them present to prevent an incriminating word from being said. Many officers may say that they have the needed evidence to ensure a conviction. If they did, they wouldn't be putting a lot of pressure on the arrested person to speak. What a smart person does when being arrested is to keep quiet after contacting Carl Barkemeyer to represent him in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.

If the search and seizure are unlawful, we can try to prove to the judge that whatever evidence they claim they have should go down the drain.


We Try to Find Out If Your Detention Was Illegal

It doesn't matter what crime has been brought against you, do you know that you can have your case thrown out of court for illegal detention? Now, you know.

As a master of Criminal Law and Drug Law, we understand that some detentions can be called illegal. If such is found, it can favor your case greatly. What we do at Carl Barkemeyer is to find any infringement into your human rights, and use them to our advantage.


We Try to Find Out If You Were Read Your Miranda Rights

Do you know that anything you tell a police officer before he reads you your Miranda Rights, if he is questioning you while in custody, can't be used against you in the law court?

We try to find out if your Miranda Rights were read to you while you were taken into custody. If not, we can use that to our advantage.


We Try to Find Out If You Had the Authority to Have the Drugs

Though some drugs may be controlled, some persons with the appropriate authority are permitted to possess such drugs. Immediately you are arrested for possessing a prescription drug, the first thing you do is to call your attorney. The authorities have a way of turning everything to their advantage, even when you try to plead your innocence. At Carl Barkemeyer, we ensure that you don't utter any words that could hit more nails in your case.

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