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Currently, Louisiana has tightened its drugs laws, dealing out hefty penalties to those convicted of one drug-related crime or the other. This means those found guilty have to spend a lot on fines, and still end up in prison for a long time. To try to prevent this, you need good drug charge attorney in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana to duly represent you.


Is It Your First Time Drug Possession Offense?

When a lot of persons are arrested for a crime for the first time, they believe that they can easily scale through without a lawyer. They think that they can represent themselves and hope that the judge will let them go because it is their first time. This is far from reality. Louisiana doesn't care if it is your first time or not being arrested and tried for a drug-related offense. This means that you need an adept drug charge lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer, and his team of attorneys to represent you.

Prosecutors and police officers in Louisiana are interested in climbing up the ladder of their careers quickly, arresting and putting away drug offenders regularly guarantee them that. If you don't want to join the long list of those that are currently behind bars for being convicted of a drug-related crime, you should contact Carl Barkemeyer and his team now.


It Doesn't Matter What Drug Related Offense It Is

For years, we have specialized in helping residents of Natchitoches Parish and the rest of Louisiana stay out of prison or have their sentence reduced, even when a pile of evidence was brought against them. What drug-related offense are you currently arrested for? Is it importation, possession, cultivation or even trafficking? You need a good team of drug charge attorneys, investigators and expert witnesses to plead your case in the law court. You have rights, and they can be protected once you have Carl Barkemeyer on your side.


Transportation of Drugs

It doesn't matter if you knew you were carrying controlled substances or not, talk to us today, and let's see how it can be resolved.


Possession of Drugs with Intent to Distribute

Were you caught with drugs, and the authorities are of believe that you want to sell it? Talk to the experienced drug charge attorney in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, and let's see how it can be resolved.



Were you caught trying to smuggle in drugs into the country, and you think you have no rights? Think again. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of smart attorneys can help.


Sale of Illegal Drugs

A lot of officers and prosecutors make those arrested feel that they have no rights. You have rights and they have to be protected. Representing yourself in a law court against the fierce prosecutor and officers won't turn out well. Want to save yourself from being left to hang and dry, get a Criminal Defense Attorney, Carl Barkemeyer to represent you. Do you know that the way evidence is gathered can taint it and make it inadmissible in court? We look for the loopholes to make the case go to your advantage.



Was your house raided and a pile of drugs was found there? Was any of your property found to be a site of cultivation of controlled substances? Do you know that the way your house was raided could determine if the evidence can be used in court? We try to find out if the authorities followed every regulation in the book, and if they didn't, we use it to our advantage. We have a team of smart investigators that try to look into the evidence gathered. That's not all, as they go further to analyze the lives of the prosecutor's witnesses with a fine-tooth comb, with the aim of discrediting whatever evidence they may have amassed.


Distribution and conspiracy to violate drug or narcotic laws

Have you been slammed with the above charge, and you are wondering if there is hope for you? Of course. What you should never do is allow a court-appointed attorney to represent you, or you try to represent yourself, no matter how high your IQ may be. Our more than ten years in the field of Drug Charge Defense has taught us one thing; we can always find a way through the toughest of cases. If we don't have the charge dropped against you, we can have a very reduced sentence that is unseen anywhere else.


Drug Trafficking

Were you caught trafficking drugs? Or were you fingered as a member of a drug trafficking gang? Come to us, today. Was your loved one arrested for a drug-related offense in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, the first person that should be contacted should be a drug charge attorney with a track record of a lot of releases.


Manufacture of Controlled Substances

Were you fingered as a manufacturer of controlled substances? You need the best representation available in Louisiana, as police officers and prosecutors have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. We know these tricks and have devised foolproof means if outsmarting them.


Possession of chemicals used in drug manufacturing

We, at Carl Barkemeyer, are not interested in if you were caught with the chemicals or not. We do not judge you when you come to us to ask for the best representation in Louisiana. We believe that you have rights, and we ensure that they are upheld in court. That's not all, we are compassionate, and here to field off any question that you may have. Are you agitated, wondering if the world is over for you because you were caught with controlled substances or your loved one is currently facing that? Save yourself the stress today and contact Carl Barkemeyer and his team of smart attorneys. We will dig up every evidence, looking for loopholes, and when we find them, we skillfully use them to our advantage.


Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs

Even if the prescription drugs were planted on you, or you got it of your own volition, we do not care, contact us today to get the right representation in Natchitoches, La.

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