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Carl Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana.  Download your free copy to learn more about the criminal process and drug defenses in Louisiana.


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When we attend to residents of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, one thing crosses our minds - the urge to help. Carl Barkemeyer is a Louisiana drug possession attorney involved in resolving all types of drug charge cases, from possession with intention to distribute, manufacturing of drugs, distribution, down to mere possession of drugs. Whatever the drug charge case may be in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, we are at hand to help solve the issue.

Since we have continuously handled a lot of drug charge cases, it would give us joy to render our services to you. For more than a decade, we have worked with thousands of Louisiana residents, and all of them have similar testimonies to tell. They all were satisfied with our experienced services.


Why Do You Need an Adept Drug Charge Attorney in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana if You’re Arrested for a Drug Related Crime?


Protection of Your Rights

Do you know that even if you are caught with a truckload of cocaine, you have rights? Do you know that you have rights that stop the department from searching your homes and seizing properties without authorization?

Do you know that there is a limited amount of time that you can be held in custody without the police having the needed evidence?

Do you know that you have the right to a drug charge attorney immediately after you are arrested? Do you know that you can decide not to talk to officers without your attorney present? Do you know that under no condition is force supposed to be used on you to get you to talk. Whatever evidence that is gotten through force can't be admissible in court. Do you know that the officer has the obligation of reading you your Miranda rights? These are few of the rights that you have under the 4th Amendments, and you may not know if you don't have a smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer to intimate you on them.


You May End Up Incriminating Yourself

In a lot of cases that we have handled, we have come to realize that many of the arresting and investigating officers had little or no evidence to build an ironclad case. What this means is that they are trying their best to get you to incriminate yourself within the limited time span that they have on their hands. You may be wondering if it isn't illegal to beguile you into incriminating yourself with your words. Well, it isn't illegal, as long as the words weren't forced from you.


How do they do this to Ouachita Parish residents?

Many officers try to act friendly, telling you how they feel your pain, and are there to help. In those cases when the accused may be innocent, these officers aren't interested in hearing that they are innocent. All they want is to gather enough evidence that can be used to dig a deeper pit for them. This is why it is easy to spot innocent persons locked up, or with a criminal record to their names.


An Adept Drug Charge Attorney May Help Save Your Records

Are you out of prison for a drug charge crime, and everything seems to be out of place? You have served your time, but your license has continuously been revoked, you need a smart drug charge lawyer that can take over the case.

What if you are yet convicted, and you want a reduced sentence or probation? You need Carl Barkemeyer and his team of attorneys to help represent you.

When an accused person comes to us for help, we start by looking at the case that was brought before us.

We sit down with the client and listen to their thoughts, and how things went down. When they are done, we answer whatever questions they may have.

Taking it up a notch, we look at every evidence that the authorities may have against our clients. Our attorneys come through them with tooth fine combs to see if there are any holes in the case. Usually, we end up spotting them.

After that, we try to gather fresh set of evidence on the case to negate what the prosecution team thinks it has. We look at the prosecutor's witnesses and try to analyze their credibility. Do they have a dent on their names and records? If they do, we use them to our advantage.


We Explore Other Options

At Carl Barkemeyer, we have a lot of strategies and they can be seen in the options that we offer our clients. When we notice that an option is not working, we opt for another. One thing that you are sure of is that you will get a fierce and skilled representation from the drug charge lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer. Call us today for help.

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