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When you have drug charge cases brought against you in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, the first thing to do is to enlist the services of very aggressive drug charge attorneys to ensure that your rights are protected. The type of drug charge attorney that you opt for can determine how your freedom and future are affected.

If you opt for the best drug attorney that Louisiana has to offer - Carl Barkemeyer, you are rest assured that your rights will be protected, and you have a fair fighting chance in the law court.

Carl Barkemeyer's law practice has amassed the needed experience to ensure that your case turns out differently. For more than a decade, we have tried to defend those that are charged with one drug crime or the other. We want to assist you, call as at Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, today.


We Know How Louisiana Prosecution Works

Carl Barkemeyer has worked from one part of Louisiana to the other, mastering the drugs law of the state and proceedings of the law court. That's not all, as he knows what make prosecutors tick and use the knowledge to his advantage.

With these and more, we strive to the goal that you are walking out of there without a prison sentence or a reduced one.

Every attorney that works with Carl Barkemeyer has the needed experience in drug related cases of numerous types like drug trafficking, possession of drugs, and so on. We haven't seen a drug case that has deterred us or left us clueless. We have different options available for different types of drug charges.

Some of the drug cases that we have handled and have great track records for are:


Felony Drug Possession in Belle Chasse

Were you caught with heroin, cocaine, meth, marijuana or other streets drugs? Do you want to secure yourself from spending a long while behind bars for it? What of your reputation? Are you scared that it will ruin you? Immediately you get caught in possession of street drugs, whether they are yours, or not, there is a great chance that the authorities will want to use you as a scapegoat. To save yourself from this, contact a smart drug charge attorney in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

You shouldn't take it for granted if not you may be left with a drug case that has been blown out of proportion.


Prescription Drug Offense Charges

Were you caught with prescription drugs that you have no prescription for? Are they yours or not? We don't care. If you don't want your records to be tainted to the extent that you have issues applying for college or a job, a smart drug charge attorney in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana should be used.


We Work Toward the Best Result for Your Individual Circumstance

Every drug case that we have handled is very unique, and has varying circumstances. For those students that are currently facing one drug charge or the other, their financial aid be revoked. What of losing your license because of a drug conviction? It can leave you distraught. This is why you need a drug charge attorney to reach a resolution that will settle the issue amicably.

Understanding what issues are involved has made Carl Barkemeyer, a sought-after criminal attorney in Louisiana. Looking at every aspect of the case and devising means of working them out based on how unique they are makes him a great drug charge attorney in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.


Punishments for Different Drugs Vary

For possessing marijuana, the state of Louisiana metes out different punishments from someone caught with cocaine. For possessing a drug paraphernalia, you can be arrested. It doesn't matter if it is crack scales and pipes that you are found with, you can be punished.

For a person that is involved in drug distribution, you may be faced with stiffer punishments that someone caught possessing won't have to face.

Louisiana state currently focuses on drug manufacturers and dealers that possess drugs with the intention of distributing the drugs. It could involve selling, creating or even transporting those drugs.

Usually, the prosecutors try to show that the accused had the intent to distribute and not only possess the drugs. They have a number of ways of showing this to the court. At Carl Barkemeyer, we understand this, and this has made us devise means of counteracting whatever method that the prosecutor decides to use.

Usually, what they use to show that the accused had the intent of distributing is how much drugs were found with the person. It also includes how the drugs were placed when found. If they see any scales close by, they try to use it as a way of showing that the accused had the intention of distributing. A lot of prosecutors try their best to ensure that they can prove this because they can go for gold- sending the accused to jail for a long time for distribution.

Want a smart drug charge attorney that knows every trick in the book and can give you a fighting chance in court? Call Carl Barkemeyer today to discuss your drug arrest in Belle Chasse or elsewhere in Plaquemines Parish.

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