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What do you do when you or your loved one is currently facing a drug charge case in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana? The first thing you should do is to rush off and contact a smart drug charge attorney that can get the job done. The attorneys that top the list include Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney.

Drug related crimes should not be taken for granted, as one second wasted, could worsen your drug case.

Though the war has continuously increased, both Louisiana and federal government have heightened their punitive measures.


When You Are Charged with Drug Crimes, What Happens?

For those that are currently arrested for a drug crime or the other, they are seen as enemies of the state and treated as such. It doesn't matter what drug crimes that you are currently charged for, you still have your rights. Under no condition should you allow your rights be ignored by fierce prosecutors and officers. With the right attorneys in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, you can have your rights protected, and match the fierceness of the prosecutors.


Federal vs. Louisiana Drug Charges

Many drug charges are tried by Louisiana, and everything that is banned by Louisiana law are similar to those banned by the Federal law. If you are caught with illegal substances, attempting to sell them, cultivate or manufacture them, you could have severe punishment meted out to you.

The Controlled Substances Act that was passed four decades ago are very effective and used on the war against drugs that Louisiana's authorities have launched.

Both the laws of Federal Government and Louisiana have laws that regulate the supply of controlled drugs. With these laws, the fact that you have them in your hands is enough to get you arrested.

The law doesn't want to know if you were set up, but as long as the substances were seen in your grasp, you are good as culpable. If you have a minute amount, you may get off with few years and fine, but once you are way above the specified amount, you are in big trouble. Possession of drugs may not get a harsh sentence as trafficking of drugs, but it is important to know than an overzealous officer and prosecutor, in need of promotion may decide to blow the case out of proportion.

This is why you need a smart drug charge attorney that can ensure that your rights are upheld, and the case doesn't take a worse dimension.


Were You Caught Trafficking Drugs in Louisiana?

Though every drug charge comes with punitive measures, there are some that are more severe than the rest. Trafficking falls under those that are more severe. A person caught trafficking and other caught in possession of drugs may not get the same punitive measures, as the former will be more stringent. This is why you need to contact a smart drug charge attorney that will represent you well immediately you are arrested. A lot of Federal trafficking charges come with mandatory minimum sentences. If you have nothing else to offer the authorities, they will have no other choice but ensure you are left in jail.


What does a smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer do in this case?

Carl Barkemeyer and his team of astute lawyers try to find out if there are really facts to back up the charges. If there are, we try to analyze their credibility, and see if we can poke holes into them, and even the witnesses. Most times, we can, and we end up victorious.

Were your rights violated in New Roads or Pointe Coupee? While trying to defend our clients, we go ahead to check if their rights were violated in one way or the other.

The fact that a lot of officers want promotions, and need drug convictions to scale through the ladder makes them go contrary to the laws when arrests, search and seizure processes are concerned.

We try to find out if the search and seizure were legalized or if they were carried out without authorization.

That's not all, we try to see how the surveillance done on you was carried out. Were your phone lines tapped without authorization?

We take it up a notch to analyze how you were arrested? Was your Miranda rights read out? Were you told that you have the rights to a lawyer while you talked? Did you also know that you had the right not to talk?

We also want to know if you were coerced into talking, or if whatever you told them while arrested was voluntary. We try to find these and more.

In those rare cases that we can't, we try to see if there is something else that we can offer to the prosecution team for your freedom or reduced sentence.

We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves, and a lot of cards on our tables.


Professional Drug Lawyer to represent you in New Roads

The fact that you have an amount of illegal substances can leave you with a lot of years in prison. It could run into more than a decade. A smart drug charge attorney like Carl Barkemeyer and his team of attorneys will try to get you off the hook.

Every drug charge attorney that represents our client is licensed, and can represent a client under both state and federal laws. That's not all, as every of them is experienced in the court proceedings in Louisiana.

Since we have worked with a lot of drug offenders and handled all types of drug crime cases, we have devised means of ensuring our clients get the proper representation that they deserve.

Call Carl Barkemeyer if you need a New Roads drug possession lawyer.

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