Probation Revocation Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Carl Barkemeyer is a probation revocation defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Probation violations can have very serious consequences, including serving prison time. Whenever a defendant is placed on probation, he is given a suspended or deferred sentence. That sentence is a specific amount of months or years the defendant must serve if he violates tthe terms or conditions of probation. Any probation officer may arrest a probationer upon probable cause to believe he violated his probation. The probation officer may obtain a probation warrant or arrest on site.

Right to a Hearing with a Judge

If a probationer is accused of violating his probation, he has certain rights. He has a right to written notice of the claimed violations. He has a right to disclosure of the evidence against him. He has a right to a hearing in which he can testify, present evidence, and cross-examine the probation officer or other witnesses.

Results of a Revocation Hearing

The judge is the one that determines if a violation has occurred. If the judge finds a violation has occurred, the judge may reprimand the probationer but continue him on probation, order the supervision intensified, impose additional conditions, in some instances extend probation, terminate the probation, or revoke the probation.

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