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Louisiana law does not condone illicit copulations between two people, where one person pays for the sexual act and the other receives money for the service rendered. It is considered unlawful in Baton Rouge and in the state of Louisiana for a masseur or masseuse (male or female massage providers) to stimulate the genital organs of another person for a fee. If you are caught violating this law, you would be charged to court and you would have to defend yourself against the crime. You’ll want to have an experienced and aggressive lawyer with you during the court trials because Louisiana is not very lenient when it comes to prostitution by massage offense. There is a high tendency that the state will enact exorbitant cash fines on you and a possible jail term that will last for several months.

All of the aforementioned penalties are insignificant compared to the damaging effect a Prostitution by massage conviction will have on your record. You may never again be able to pursue careers that require a clean record or land significant roles in reputable companies. In the end, prostitution by massage conviction can give you a bad image amongst your friends and the world at large. So you’ve got to fight the charge with everything you’ve got, and Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is committed to helping you put up a good fight in court.


How Louisiana defines Prostitution by Massage Crimes

Louisiana statute 14:83.3 defines Prostitution by massage as the erotic stimulation of a customer’s genital organ for a fee, by a masseur or masseuse. If you are accused of violating this law, you’ll be arrested regardless of whether the customer reaches orgasm or not. You would also be arraigned for prostitution by massage violation if you are involved in any instrumental manipulation, caress, or use any part of your body to stimulate orgasm in another individual for money during a massage. Any bodily contact short of sexual intercourse or unnatural sensual copulation will be considered a violation of Louisiana Statute 14:83.3 and the offender of the crime will be answerable to the law. 


Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of experienced criminal defense attorneys are in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With the full weight of Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney behind you in court, you can boost your chances of securing a favorable outcome during the trial. 


What to do when charged for Prostitution by massage in Louisiana

It is important to use every minute on your clock to work on your defense when arraigned for prostitution by massage offense in Louisiana. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is well-experienced prostitution by massage lawyer Baton Rouge and he is ready to support you in court. When it comes to providing a fact-based defense for your case, every shred of evidence filed against you must be reviewed for inconsistencies. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney, who is well versed in Louisiana laws and has an eye for recognizing opportunities in prostitution by massage cases. With Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and the team of experienced lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney working on your case, no stone in your case will be left unturned. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has acquired a wealth of experience both as a prosecutor and defender of this crime. He will go all out to ensure that every angle of your case is duly explored.


Potential Penalties for Prostitution by Massage Conviction in Louisiana

La RS 14:83.3 of the already established laws of Louisiana reveals that masseurs and masseuses, caught stimulating customers’ genital organs for money will face serious punishments. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you with your defense against prostitution by massage charge is a step in a positive direction. 

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer can be super helpful in cases like this, and with his insight in prostitution charges, you can have a fair trial and secure a favorable outcome in your court case. Even when the evidence filed against you ties you to the crime, Mr. Carl Barkemeyer can help you solicit for a reasonable verdict. 

The potential punishment for Prostitution by massage conviction can be quite severe when you don’t have an aggressive Prostitution by massage Lawyer Baton Rouge to provide the much-needed backup in court. 

The court’s judgment will depend on the facts provided during your defense and on the credibility of the evidence filed against you during the commission of the crime. For the charge to stick, the evidence must be valid and obtained legally. Law enforcement officers are human beings, and so it is possible that the arrest was made without cause. 

Persons Convicted for Prostitution by massage shall incur cash fines of not more than $500 or be imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or both. 

Baton Rouge and Louisiana laws also make provision for children who were victims of child trafficking and are charged for prostitution by massage. If the defendant falls into this category, whether as a child or adult, he/she will qualify for specialized services for sexually exploited persons. 


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Is Here To Help You 

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer has an office in Baton Rouge to provide the necessary support for persons charged for prostitution by massage in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. He can help you defend your freedom and integrity in court. 

Time is of the essence when your freedom and integrity are hanging by a thread. So don’t waste any more time deliberating, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer for your defense. 

Prostitution by massage conviction will have negative implications on your career as a masseur or masseuse. You may lose, your job, integrity, and respect, if you get convicted for the crime. Your court hearing gives you the perfect opportunity to clear your name and keep your clean record clean. But you’ll need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to help you explore that opportunity. 

Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and his team of experienced prostitution by massage lawyers are only one call away!

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